How to Liberate Your Truest Voice & Experience Deep Presence In This Moment

Susan Audrey
Susan Audrey:
Shift Team Writer

Indigenous peoples have long known the power of sound –– to heal the past, clear undesirable energies, help others to embody their full power and presence, bridge cultural divides, and restore harmony within a community.

What would it feel like to “free” your authentic voice? Tapping into your unique power to heal, clear, and restore harmony?

And discovering your most soul-filled inner sound, releasing it to “express” all of who you are and have the power to be in this moment?

You know when you’re in the presence of someone who's mastered this; they’re present in the moment, live their life with ease, can effortlessly give and receive unconditional love, and are deeply in touch with their creative side.

This is because, allowing your unique voice to be heard, grounds you in who you truly are.

When you can release this “who-I-really-am” voice (without judgement), its purity reverberates through every cell of your body and helps you break through emotional barriers caused by childhood wounds, conditioned patterning, and even self-sabotage.

“Sounding” who you really are by allowing the voice of your soul to be released and heard is a highly experiential way to liberate your own unique resonance and creative expression.

In this 8-minute video, international singer, educator, and author Chloe Goodchild leads you in a “sounding” exercise through which you can feel into your “who-you-really-are” voice and enjoy a bit of the liberation and joy that comes with it.  

Watch and practice along with Chloe, easing into the present moment by “sounding” your voice.

Chloe also invites you to notice the silence after you’ve stopped sounding, and the enlivening energy created within your body.

Don’t miss these practices Chloe shares in this powerful 8-minute video:

  • (00:10) — Ease into the present moment using your voice.
  • (01:25) — Experience silence after using your voice and the alivening, yet calming, effect it has on your body.
  • (02:27) — Become aware of your body as a deep, non-judgemental listening field anchored in the earth.
  • (04:47) — Open to your unique sound through singing.
  • (06:17) — Sing with Chloe and imagine your voice joining the field of others’ voices connecting you to all.

Plus discover with Chloe what it’s like to release and hear your purest, most authentic voice without judgement and experience your body as a resonant field of sound awareness.

Do you have a story about the power of sound? Have you experienced its transformational powers or watched others evolve through its liberating reverberations?

We’d love to hear from you!

Discover how to clear old patterns that block your natural expression and release your soul’s voice to feel freer, self-empowered and more creative in Chloe Goodchild’s FREE class Liberate the Voice of Your Soul: Discover Your Sound Awareness, Creative Expression & Unique Resonance.

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