How To Turn The Self-Critical Voice Inside Your Head Into Your Greatest Ally

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
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Do you ever feel like you have two (or more!) people living inside you? 

In the simplest sense, you do…

Whether you’re choosing what to eat for dinner, if you should accept a job offer or contemplating a new relationship… if you’re like most people, you feel at least two opposing sides within you advocating for different directions.

What’s happening, is that you’re experiencing several of the many aspects within you — aspects of your personality that help you successfully fulfill the many roles and activities in your life (including making decisions). 

Some of these aspects are more dominant and you can easily recognize these traits in your personality — for example you might describe yourself as responsible, creative, spiritual, outgoing and so on. These are actually parts of you that hold and express these qualities within you. 

What we often don’t see as easily (until there’s a conflict), is that there are also lesser known or seen parts of ourselves that are often “opposite” to our more dominant aspects. And what can matters worse, is the sense that one of these parts is judging or criticizing the other… and YOU. 

Often when we experience internal conflict or criticism, our first response is that this is a “negative” part that we need to get rid of, or stop. 

But what if this part of you that you’re judging, is actually trying to help you?   

The key is to have awareness of these different parts within us  —  without judgement as good or bad or right or wrong — and to embrace ALL of who we are. 

In this 4-minute audio, Tim Kelley, a leading coach and the author of True Purpose, shares a revolutionary idea: The aspects of yourself that give you the most trouble and appear to be blocking you from realizing your hopes and dreams are potentially your greatest allies.   

Listen as Tim Kelley shares about the inner work with your “parts,” which is essential if you’re committed to creating inner harmony, a key to producing positive results in the outer world. When your parts are working FOR you instead of against you, you discover more fulfilling relationships and work, and a faster easier path to realizing your life purpose.  

Don’t miss these highlights that Tim Kelley covers in this powerful 4-minute audio: 

  • (0:12) — How to become aware of your “parts”
  • (1:00) — Positive and negative side effects of knowing your parts
  • (1:54) — All of your parts serve a purpose: Aligning with the “bad” parts

Plus Tim illuminates the #1 side effect of becoming aware of and embracing the parts of you, which you’d rather NOT face...

Do you have a sense of what some of the dominant parts of yourself are? Do you resist or deny other parts of yourself? We’d love to hear from you!

Discover a powerful proven process to transform the different parts of yourself (especially your your inner critic!) into an empowering coach who’s committed to helping you perform at your highest possible level  in Tim Kelley’s FREE class, Transforming Your Inner Critic: How to Turn Your Greatest Internal Enemy Into An Ally.

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