How to Use Your Dream Life as a Powerful Gateway to the Afterlife (Yours AND Those You Love) with Robert Moss

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
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Is dreaming the best preparation for dying? According to dream shaman, Robert Moss, yes, it is...

Ancient and modern cultures alike, have not only understood, but valued and integrated the role of dreaming in dying. 

The Lakota used to say that the path of the soul after death is the same as the path of the soul in dream. Robert Moss might add, “except that you're not going to wake up in the same body in the morning.”

When we go dreaming, we go traveling… we travel beyond the limits of the body and the brain  and receive visitations from people or beings who are able to do the same. 

If you’re a dreamer, you’ve experienced first-hand that your soul or consciousness is never confined to your body and brain. Through these experiences, you’ll find that your dreaming is preparing you for death in a very specific way — to travel beyond the fields you know and into a deeper reality. This is very good preparation for what happens in the afterlife.

Working with your dreams in this way, helps you to prepare for your own death — or help someone close to you prepare for their death — consciously and lovingly.

During this riveting audio. Robert shares the very specific ways our dream life acts as the pathway or gateway to our afterlife. He shares incredible stories of how this process has helped hundreds of people prepare for their death (as he so poignantly points out, we are all facing death!) as well as loved ones.                                 

He also speaks in-depth, for those who are soul companions, about how to create a map for others that will support them in their journey. He addresses different cultures, spiritual traditions, and languages and how you can create “scripts” for others and help them experience for themselves, that their soul is not confined by physical boundaries.

Don’t miss these highlights Robert shares on in this life-changing (and death-changing) 10-minute audio:

  • (2:45) — Your role as a soul companion in supporting the awakening of loved ones who are preparing for death
  • (5:30) — Don’t miss this powerful story of a father and daughter in preparing for his death and a shared dream experience following
  • (6:40) — Using geography, gods, gurus and other familiar elements to create a “map” for those preparing for death
  • (8:20) — Robert shares a spontaneous mantra he received in a dream to help visualize death as a journey into the heart of light

More than anything, this audio will illuminate a paradigm shift in how you relate to death — expanding your understanding of the portal between worlds, freeing yourself (and others) from the fear of death and dying, and empowering you to live your life more fully.

Discover advanced shamanic dreaming techniques to journey into other realms (including the afterlife) and receive wisdom and inspiration for your life — with Robert Moss, during his FREE mini-workshop: Shamanic Journeying to the Other Side Communicate With the Departed & Make Death Your Ally

Have you been touched by Robert’s teachings in this audio or elsewhere? How has dreaming helped you to prepare for your death? Have you had the opportunity to act as some else’s soul companion? Share your thoughts in the comments below!