How to Work with the Vibrations of the Universe for Healing & Awakening

Phil Bolsta
Phil Bolsta:
Shift Team Writer

Would you like to master the art of syncing up with universal vibrations to become a living beacon of light that brings healing, harmony, and peace to yourself and others?

Would you like to know how to play the seven notes of the magical flute within your spine, allowing Kundalini energy to flow through you until you become a living bridge between heaven and earth?

As you align yourself with the vibrating principle of the universe, says spiritual teacher Raja Choudhury, you discover how to play the song of your life in the key of Kundalini.

And the continuous playing of that celestial song opens a doorway into bliss consciousness and oneness with the universe.

In this 5-minute video, Raja describes the logistics of the vibrating principle of the universe and the powerful and profound effect it can have on your life.

Don’t miss these highlights that Raja covers in this energizing “mini-workshop”:

  • (0:34) — How Kundalini energy begins to rise 
  • (2:42) — When you can play Kundalini energy like a musical instrument
  • (2:56) — How the words you hear turn into a beat of your heart
  • (3:23) — How the flute of your spine becomes a bridge between heaven and earth
  • (3:46) — When you become a living beacon of light, harmony, and peace

And don’t miss 3:14 when Raja speaks about how to subtly change the way the song of your life plays...

The beautiful ability to work with the vibrations of the universe is what Kundalini work is all about. The further you travel on this path, the more the universe will open up to you and reveal its mysteries and magnificence.

Have you already tried to awaken your Kundalini energy? What was your experience? We’d love to hear from you!

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