How Your Herbal Home Pharmacy Can Protect You and Your Family During This Record Flu Season

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Here in the US, we’re experiencing one of the worst flu seasons in history...

With new strains of cold and flu viruses hitting in nearly all 50 states, maybe you’re experiencing this first hand?

Or maybe you’re crossing your fingers, hoping you’re protected by your flu shot, and lathering up with hand sanitizer…

You can actually take your health into your own hands with preventative and healing remedies that start and end in your own kitchen. 

So, whether you’re trying to steer clear of a cold or flu — or already down for the count due to this season’s H3N2 virus (it’s worse than the swine flu) — one of your best plans of defense is to stock your kitchen pharmacy with herbal remedies and antiviral/antibiotic plants.

In the information-packed 10-minute video below, acupuncturist, natural medicine practitioner & apitherapist, Tamara Wolfson shares practical wisdom and the key remedies that will keep you and your family safe, as well as accelerate healing. 


Tamara draws from Chinese, ayurveda, and plant medicines as she shares the best practices, and recipes, for preventing against — or fighting — a common cold or a debilitating flu. 

Grab your pen and notebook, and don’t miss these powerful, yet simple tips & techniques: 

  • (:25) — The 2 main reasons we get the flu
  • (1:25) — The #1 entrypoint for viruses (and how to protect against invaders)
  • (2:08) — Simple preventative remedies: Elderberry syrup, fresh garlic & “Fire Cider”
  • (4:24) — Broths, miso soup & ginger juice: Yummy liquids to protect against the flu  
  • (6:03) — Immunity Booster: Grandma’s Cabbage Soup
  • (8:04) — When the invaders get in… herbal antibiotics to treat the flu

Tamara’s preferred method for taking herbs is through the food, and during this 10-minute video, she also shares a number of recipes — including her Russian grandmother’s family cabbage soup recipe, for staying healthy and treating illness. 

(Plus... you’ll be surprised by the recipe Tamara shares at 7 minutes which will improve your circulation and immunity!)


What’s your favorite go-to herb for your home pharmacy? What’s your favorite recipe for protecting your health? We’d love to hear from you!

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