Igniting Your Shakti: 7 Key Practices for Women on a Spiritual Path

Igniting Your Shakti: 7 Key Practices for Women on a Spiritual Path

Susan Audrey
Susan Audrey:
Shift Team Writer

There’s a lot you’re missing if you’re not honoring your Shakti….

Women who are not embodying the instinctual, sensual parts of themselves are living a half-life –– tired, overwhelmed, passion-deprived, and devoid of creative energy.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone...

The price of our liberation from 5,000 years of male dominance is that we’ve become more like the typical Western man — driven and competitive, muscling through life and draining our vital, feminine energy.

What is Shakti? And, how do we reclaim it to live a more passionate, creative and fulfilling life?

Shakti is our sensuality, the primal life-force that surges through us. It’s the “Feminine Face of God” or sacred feminine.

It’s where our creative juices spring from, where our passionate, loving, woman-self resides — and when we allow this most natural, sacred part of ourselves “out,” we feel most at home in our own bodies and in our lives....

We feel and exude the radiance, joy and beauty that is our birthright as women.

Life becomes so much more enjoyable, we more readily attract and manifest what we desire, and instead of feeling trampled by life, we start to fall in love with it (as we learn to fully love ourselves).

How do we reclaim these most sacred and precious parts of ourselves?

Here are 7 keys to rediscovering, embodying and igniting your Shakti from sacred sexualty teacher and renowned coach Lisa Schrader:

1.  Honor what is inherent in your feminine nature…

As a woman, you hold a special power –– your body. In itself, your body is a reminder of the sacred cyclical nature of all of life. Your very nature is one of spirituality, intuition and truth. In remembering your body as a symbol of wholeness and embracing all of life as sacred, rejecting nothing, you honor your own natural beauty and sacredness… you begin to open to more self-appreciation and love.

2.  Discover your heart as a source of your greatest power…

Your feminine heart is the source of love, the greatest power on Earth. By opening your heart and allowing it to love, you honor your capacity to feel your emotions and walk through life with beauty.

Tapping into this power also includes unleashing the potency of forgiveness (for yourself and others) and learning how to claim yourself as heroine vs. victim.

3.  Don’t underestimate your feminine erotic potency...

Your feminine erotic potency grounds you on this Earth. It draws you out of the busy mind and into the deep intelligence of your body. As you bring greater awareness to your body, sensuality and pleasure flow more fully. And, your orgasmic joy opens you up to greater communion with the loving light of Spirit (or the Divine).

4.  Get back to your roots & reconnect with your sisterhood…

Awakening your Shakti does not require you to improve yourself, get more information or work harder to get somewhere else. Nor, does it require you to go it alone.

Stop. And remember...

There was a time when your body was honored as the Source of life. You are an incarnation of the feminine divine who decided to have a human experience. You showed up at this pivotal time to be part of this evolutionary shift, to contribute your gifts and wisdom at the moment when they matter most.

5.  To deny your feelings is to deny the feminine...

As women, our emotional lives have been shamed. We’ve been told that we are “too emotional, too much, too irrational,” effectively cutting us off from our authentic power.

Your feelings matter. You cannot have a wide open channel for abundant Shakti energy to flow if you are pinching off your feeling life. Feelings come and go, reminding us of the dynamic quality of life force energy.

We can have compassion for the times when we’ve been unskillful with our feelings: repressing, over-indulging, getting swept away or blasting others, AND we can reclaim a healthy flow of emotion as our secret sauce for bringing aliveness and passion back to life.

6.  The more you allow pleasure, the more you resonate with the vibration of divine love...

Pleasure isn’t something to “get” or reach for as an antidote to pain. It isn’t the reward after hard work or dessert after you eat all your vegetables. Conscious pleasure is who you are, and tantra teaches us to weave pleasure into the tapestry of life, moment by moment.

Your senses are the gateway in. Feel your skin responding to the temperature around you right now. Allow your soft gaze to receive the color, light, shadow and beauty around you.

Your sexual energy is the most potent power you have access to, the energy that creates life itself. The seed of every manifestation is the divine union of masculine and feminine, consciousness and power.

When you can learn to let go, surrender to your feminine bliss, you’ll more effortlessly allow your radiance to magnetize to you what you want.

7.  Bring your inner feminine back into balance with your healthy inner masculine...

This is a practice in UN-doing. Finding a place away from the distractions, noise and advice. A place you already know, where you are the expert… your body.

You were designed as a vessel of pleasure, beauty and love. When you rediscover this, and start to embody and ignite your Shakti, you will start to bring yourself back into balance. You’ll shed the unhealthy achievement-driven, competitive masculine, and honor, expand and revel in the bliss of your truest nature –– your pleasure-filled shakit life-force. You’ll be on your way to a healthy inner feminine and masculine balance.

Awakening your Shakti is recognizing that your sensuality is your feminine birthright, and it’s for all women — young to postmenopausal elders. It’s knowing your sexuality as the source of pleasure and power and that connecting with this innate part of you is to connect with the grace and love at your core. And, as you complete the “inner marriage” with yourself, the healthy outer union (between you and a partner) naturally follows.

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