Inviting Mary Magdalene into the Altar of Your Heart: Insights into a Woman Prophet + Guided Visualization with Mirabai Starr

Inviting Mary Magdalene into the Altar of Your Heart: Insights into a Woman Prophet + Guided Visualization with Mirabai Starr

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

Why does Mary Magdalene stir such strong reactions in us?

Captivating so many hearts and minds thousands of years after she lived...

Her narrative is rarely told as an accurate depiction of her true character and role. Yet, reconnecting to her radical nature and fierce presence is exactly what’s needed during these tumultuous times... speaking truth to power... standing up in the face of injustice... unwavering courage... unrelenting faith.

Throughout history, Mary Magdalene has been called many things: Sinful woman, repentant prostitute, the lover and wife of Jesus.

However, many of these are distorted or revised truths.

Seen as a threat to those in power, she was long-marginalized by church leaders — or erased from the pages of history altogether.

In fact, in first-century Palestine, Mary Magdalene was a prophetic voice speaking the truth of love... a rabbi and a prophet.

She was bold and brave in a time where women were not seen as worthy messengers. Yet, she was a respected teacher among the other apostles, even referred to as the “apostle of the apostles.”

Seekers for centuries have continued to pray to her, drawing on her living spirit for strength, courage, inspiration, and perseverance... many communicatiing with her in their dreams and meditations.

Mary Magdalene’s remarkable wisdom and radical teachings are rising up in women (and men), to shine light on the darkness and bring personal and collective transformation, says world-renowned, interspiritual teacher and author, Mirabai Starr.

Mary Magdalene is a powerful exemplary of the voice of the Feminine rising up in our world. Calling her into us, we’re guided to love deeply and fiercely, even as our hearts are breaking.”
— Mirabai Starr

And as Mirabai shares in the 10-minute video below, Mary Magdalene is “a luminous wisdom being and a kind of ‘heart center’ for Jesus as well as his teaching equal.”

Watch as Mirabai offers potent insights into the life and teachings of Mary Magdalene — and guides you in a contemplative visualization for inviting the spirit of Mary Magdalene join at the “altar of your heart.”

Watch as Mirabai illuminates the following aspects of the life and teachings of the prophet, Mary Magdalene:

  • (00:40) — Discover a powerful, luminous wisdom being to guide you
  • (1:01) — Mary Magdalene, most beloved companion and a teacher equal to Jesus
  • (3:24) — Reclaim the majesty and wisdom of Mary Magdalene
  • (3:50) — How the Feminine is rising up for personal and planetary healing
  • (4:20) — Practice: "Calling in Mary Magdalene, A Contemplative Visualization"

Don’t miss what Mirabai shares about Mary Magdalene knowing that would Jesus would be crucified. She chose to endure the pain of his death and suffer alongside him.

An expert in feminine mysticism in many spiritual traditions, Mirabai teaches us how to invoke the transformative qualities of female saints, mystics and goddesses by “calling” them into our hearts, bodies and minds.

“Jesus could not possibly have engaged in the teachings of peace and spiritual transformation, without her by his side.” Mirabai adds that as a wealthy Jewish woman, Mary Magdalene was the primary source of financial support for Jesus and the other apostles...

What is most surprising to you about the life and teachings of Mary Magdalene? Do you have a personal Mary Magdalene story to share?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences... you can comment below!

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