Meditation: The Foundation that Makes All Life Flourish

Meditation: The Foundation that Makes All Life Flourish

By Patrick Kronfli

Every morning I wake up and I meditate for twenty to thirty minutes. I then put on my running shoes and go outside to stretch, jog, and set the energetic momentum for my day. Every push-up is infused with an intention. Every stretch has an internal vision I’m creating in my life. Every sprint is fueled with an emotion I’m letting go of or choosing to embody. I jump into the cold ocean and let go of a fear I am feeling in my life. I walk back to my house focused on the meetings I have scheduled for the day and infuse my imagination with successful emotions. My morning routine sets the tone for my entire life.

My life flows powerfully and creatively when I have routines in my life that bring me joy. When I get home from my outdoor adventure in the morning, I put on my favorite music throughout the house and make myself a healthy elixir. I get ready for the day and make sure to make eye contact with myself in the mirror for at least three breathes, inviting my deepest, wisest, and most powerful self to guide me through the day. I’m out the door within 2 hours of waking up and I’ve already climbed a mountain in my mind. The day ahead of me is a battlefield in a valley of success. Every cell in my body is ready to take on the game of life.

Before I go to bed at night, I look at my schedule for the next day and I meditate for 20 minutes with a focus on gratitude and healing. I invite my sub conscious to focus on specific goals I want to accomplish while I’m asleep like healing specific patterns in my body or receiving specific insights on business. I then let go fully into 6-8 hours of healing, dreaming, and deep relaxation. My days don’t always start and end like this but they usually do and, when they do, the rest of life increasingly falls into place.

My phone vibrates every day at Noon, 1:00 pm, & 2:00 pm. I pause whatever I’m doing, close my eyes, and take three deep breathes. I then dive back into my daily activity more aware, joyous, and powerful than ever before. These habits, rituals, and routines create the structure for maximum amounts of creativity and flow in my life.

True success, synchronicity, and joy only happens for me in a sustainable way when my inner foundation is strong. The benefits of meditation impact every aspect of my life. My health. My emotional strength and balance. The depth of my relationships. My most creative business ideas. My perseverance. All of these accelerate with dedicated meditation practice.

Meditation takes me to deep layers of my subconscious. A place where infinite ideas meet unlocked intuition. A place where perspective is wise. A place where all the probability lines of my life are seen as one river and insight brings clarity. I reach deep wells of inspiration through meditation and my purpose in life becomes rich with emotion. I see my thoughts and feel my feelings. I notice parts of myself that I’m scared of and I observe patterns of pain. I notice healing and feel the excitement of letting go. I feel surges of energy in my body and see visions in my mind. My body feels strong. My mind feels sharp. My emotions feel balanced. Life feels rich with color, purpose, and joy. I am ready to take on the world and the world gives me exactly what I’m ready for.

I love meditating by myself and I notice amplification when I meditate with others. Meditating in large groups has an exponential effect on my own evolution and scientific studies are showing the impact that group meditation has on our environment. Collective intent is proving to have a measurable impact on the physical world around us. I feel this, am inspired by it, and that’s why I spend most of my time organizing global synchronized meditations in hundreds of cities around the world.

Yes. That’s right. I get to spend most of my time focused on following my passion: bringing masses of people together to meditate. It’s not easy. But it’s worth it. We now have 3,100 organizers around the world who have brought their communities together for our global campaigns and we’re about to accelerate into our next phase of growth. We have a strong belief that collective connection and intent can create a foundation for all life to flourish. Our goal is to unify +100 Million meditators by 2020 to create a field of inner-peace, vibrating to every corner of our planet. Will you join us on this mission? I’ll be there on the front lines. Hope to see you there.

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Patrick Kronfli was born as a first generation American in Los Angeles, CA where he was raised in an entrepreneurial Lebanese family that owned textile manufacturing facilities. At the age of 20, he experienced a rock bottom awakening that created the opportunity for his ego to implode in on itself. He made a radical shift and started to focus an increasing amount of attention on his internal growth and evolution so he can serve in the world. Patrick now has 11 year old twin boys, a solar energy business, and is the operations director of, an organization that inspires global meditations in hundreds of cities around the world. To learn more, click here.