Meditation Secrets for Women: How to Flow With All of Who You Are

Meditation Secrets for Women: How to Flow With All of Who You Are

Erin Harris
Erin Harris:
Shift Team Writer

Do you ever find it hard to be still during meditation? To focus, observe, be mindful, and detach?

What if there was a different way to meditate? A way that’s in deeper rhythm with your inner flow and your nature as a woman?

Something we don’t often think about in the meditation world is that much of what we’ve been taught about going within... has been passed down through the centuries from practices designed for men, by men living cloistered lives in monasteries — deep, reflective lives, but lives that were very different from our 21st century experience as empowered women engaged in the modern world.

Many of the practices we explore were created for men who needed to release the sense of their own identity in order to find union with the Divine.

But what we need as women are practices that help us come HOME to our own selves.

So it’s up to us to find what works for us now.

And there are ways to step more fully into wholeness... to feel more ease and relief of tension... to meditate in a way that you love and want to do.

In this 6-minute video, women’s spiritual empowerment teacher, author, and speaker Camille Maurine reveals that as a woman, the stillness you crave flows when you embrace embodied meditation...

Watch as Camille shares secrets for tapping into your own intrinsic wellspring of wisdom, creativity, and love — especially as your body evolves with time...

Camille speaks with grace about what she terms the real body — “not the one in the mirror, but the surging nature that’s pulsating within you.”

She also shares a mini meditation for times of transition when you’re going from one aspect of your day to another...

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • (0:59) — One of the most effective ways to release tension and stress
  • (1:24) — Tiny movements to soften and melt
  • (1:52) — A surprising way to meditatively express overwhelming intensity
  • (2:38) — The meaning of a healthy meditation practice for women
  • (3:21) — Creating a practice that you actually LOVE

And keep an eye out for 4:58, where Camille beautifully describes the meaning of home...

As women in this moment and in this age, we face opportunities and challenges like never before. Try these tools to ease and release old patterns of tension, to lovingly nourish yourself and honor the flow of your body...

Do you have a movement or meditation story? What’s your go-to practice to tune into your rhythms and connect with the beauty of the universe? We’d love to hear from you!

Explore the nature that’s pulsating within you during Camille’s FREE upcoming workshop: Liberating Practices to Enliven Your Full, Wild, Radiant Self: Discover Expressive, Subtle, and Embodied Meditations for Women.

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