The most important actions this weekend

The most important actions this weekend

Stephen Dinan
Stephen Dinan:
CEO of The Shift Network

Many who are very concerned about the issues I raised in my letter to Secretary Clinton yesterday (which you can now sign here ) have asked for the most important actions that you can engage in this weekend to support delaying the ratification of this election until we get serious investigations completed.

Here is my list of the top things you can do.

  1. Sign up at Hamilton Electors - best action site
  2. Spread Important Articles and Videos — stop all personal Facebook posts and just focus on the most essential information to read and spread until Monday, especially if you can get to Electors themselves or their friends and allies. Here are my suggestions for things worth posting, including some new ones recently brought to my attention. Post them and tag specific friends to encourage sharing:
    1. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt: Putin Attacked the U.S. Election — the most compelling summary of evidence I have seen, by a former DNC staffer with extensive background on Russia.
    2. Bigger Than Watergate? — Powerful expose on the evidence that rogue factions at the FBI directly sabotaged Clinton, possibly in collusion with Giuliani.
    3. Greg Palast video on the 73,335 votes that weren't counted, mostly in heavily African-American Detroit and Flint, easily enough to flip Michigan to Clinton. He calls this a classic "Jim Crow election," and a "massive blockade of the black vote". Also really highlights the racism in the CrossCheck system that is striking voters from the rolls in 30 states.
    4. Stats article on the “red shift” from exit polls to final tallies. Geeky but compelling evidence pointing to widescale fraud.
    5. Video on Crosscheck with Greg Palast and Thom Hartmann. Crosscheck is the system that disenfranchised millions, mainly minorities, and undoubtedly swung several states (Michigan had 449,000 suppressed vs a 10,000 official vote margin). 1 in 8 Asians in swing states were removed, for instance. Palast calls it a “criminal conspiracy.”
    6. Video from a descendent of Hamilton explaining why it’s important electors take their constitutional duty seriously and don’t just cave to party pressure.
    7. My article on a strategy to keep Trump out of the White House
    8. Michael Moore’s article on why Donald Trump is very nervous about Monday
    9. Martin Sheen and celebrity video on the Electoral College.
    10. Article on Paul Manafort , who told Donald Trump to campaign in Michigan at the last minute and he was very involved in a heavily corrupted Ukrainian election in which the opposition was jailed afterwards.
    11. Article on Brutal tactics used to shut down and block recount efforts.
    12. Dear Electors, Donald Trump Can Launch a Nuclear War with a Single Phone Call an important reminder of the stakes for electors.
    13. Breaking news that Huma Abedin is suing FBI
    14. New Federal Elections complaint about Russian interference in election
  1. Participate in Vigils for Americawear purple and hold a reverential, non-protesting space, 6 pm Sunday.
  2. Call the White House to log your opinion. Ask for the comments line. You will be on hold for just a few minutes and will get a live person. Switchboard: 202-456-1414
  3. Call and email your Secretaries of State and ask them to not certify the results and refuse to send them to Congress unless the Electors are given a security briefing on Russia’s role in the election (do this EARLY on Monday or leave messages over the weekend). This could postpone ratification and lead to additional time for investigations.

Finally, on Monday, when electors meet in their state capitols, I encourage you to either participate in the events organized by the Hamilton Electors. Or gather with friends and allies to be in meditation, prayer, and blessing for as much of 8 am Pacific to 1 pm Pacific (which covers the whole country’s timing for the voting process).

I encourage you to focus on empowering, blessing, and protecting the Electors, who have been under incredible pressure and often threats.

The goal of this “subtle activism” is to help Electors dispel fear, remember their higher duty, and enact their conscience. This is about loving them and supporting them to do their sacred duty with wisdom. There is evidence this kind of positive intention can affect people in profound ways.

Let us all visualize an outcome for the greatest good of all beings and hold that in our heart

With love,