Pathways to Peace and the United Nations

Pathways to Peace and the United Nations

By Linda Klein, a Peace Ambassador

My experience with the Peace Ambassador Training (PAT) has been no less than miraculous. The first go round was a few years ago when I was looking to go deeper into my personal world of peace and how to move it outward globally. I became close with another participant who completed the course and took on the project putting on The Imagine Peace Conference and I was honored to assist him. At that time I met James O'Dea who, just being in his space is inspiring and took his intensive in Crestone CO, he is a remarkable being.

All of these lessons of opening my heart to the age old question of "what am i doing here" became very clear to me. Taking the Peace Ambassador Training this time was as as inspiring and forwarding my passion and vision to do my part in creating a culture of peace. Philip and James were there to facilitate the transformation along with the extraordinary presenters who each imparted a lesson of love and commitment. My take away is many fold and the growing ability to listen and speak with a greater awareness and depth of heart along with connections with other Peacebuilders. These connections opened doors and lead me to my next mission.

I am honored to work at Pathways To Peace which is a United Nations Secretariat and an organization which has been a hub for other peace communities. The Culture of Peace Initiative, which is part of PTP, sends out a newsletter to thousands of other groups and individuals working towards the goal of a more peaceful and sustainable world. Please feel free to post your events and what you are up to on that website or contact me.

As I write this I'm at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York with people from all over the world working to better conditions for women and children. This is my second trip here and i am in awe of the commitment to continue to move forward under very difficult circumstances. I am recharged with my purpose to do whatever I can to support every human to feel fed, safe, honored, respected and held as equal. My journey has always been being of service and my participation in PAT was the beginning of moving it global.

Thank you Philip, James and all of you who are doing what you can to lend your voices. Let's continue to come together and send your tribe to PAT.

I am forever grateful.
Linda Klein

Linda has been in the world of healing, energy work and peace for over 40 years.  She attended Santa Fe School of Natural Medicine and worked at the Hoffman Institute as Director of Registration for 13 years.  After the Peace Ambassador Training her next path was revealed to go deeper into the global peace world and am now honored to be Assistant to the President, Avon Mattison at Pathways To Peace.