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Peacelink Live!

Peacelink Live!

By Jay Ponti

The time has come for humanity to unite.  We have created the intentional field and our vision for the future; but is intention enough?  The truth is that if our vision of peace is to manifest it must be matched with the appropriate actions and strategic planning to make that vision a reality.

The Creator needs us to be actors in this Divine play called life.  He needs our hands and our hearts and for us each to do our part.  The indigenous peoples would make their decisions based on how it would affect seven generations to come.

We can change the world, but it takes all of us.

Join us on Sat. 9/21 for U.N. International Day of Peace for the Peacelink Live! broadcast.   This year’s program is hosted by Shadoe Stevens (Hollywood Squares, America’s Top 40) and features a captivating day of music, interviews, and inspirational content, ending with an Earth Peace Meditation to coincide with the global meditation synch at 5pm PST.  

Content includes music from Avicii, Imagine Dragons, Common, The Mowgli’s, Lenny Kravitz, interviews and messages from H.H. The Dalai Lama, Josh Radnor, Lou Gossett Jr., Alicia Keys, Edward James Olmos, Demian Lichtenstein, and many, many more.

Peacelink Live! is a think tank, lobby and professional network working together to produce broadcast events, summits, and link like-minded organizations for global peace movement initiatives.

We are organizing the organizers.  Until all of the tribes are united, the dream of peace will remain a dream.

Call to action:

Send us a shout out. Here's a little video for people around the world to send us a shout out for the broadcast. You can do it from your smart phone (preferably in a place with a landmark and a crowd of Times Square)  #peacelinkliveshoutout.    

Support the mission:
To support us

Tune in to on Sat. 9/21 to watch and subscribe to the newsletter to receive the inside track on exciting Peace Movement activities.

If you have an organization, project or initiative, and would like to join the coalition let us know and we will explore innovative ways link up.
The Movement in the Palm of your hand
Download the Peacelink  mobile app for iPhone or Android and be stay connected to the peace movement any time, anywhere.

  • Connect with other Peacelinkers in our facebook, twitter, and Tumblr communities.
  • Watch events live streamed real time from your mobile phone.
  • Find peace events near you
  • Receive notifications of synchronized global meditations, flash mobs, marches, voter registration deadlines, and breaking news.
  • Be informed and inspired by important and entertaining blogs and videos.

Peacelink Live!/ Broadcast
Jay Ponti