Phoenix Rising: How to Transform Adversity Into Your Most Treasured Life

Phoenix Rising: How to Transform Adversity Into Your Most Treasured Life

Phoenix Singer
Phoenix Singer:
Shift Community Transformation Team Writer

As a woman in her 50s or 60s or beyond, you’ve likely been through some rough patches in your life. (Who hasn’t?!)

Challenges you may have thought you’d never heal from (but did!)... loss of a loved one or a job, financial struggles, health crises, and other life-altering events.

And doesn’t it just seem sometimes as if life’s difficulties and losses (big and small) happen all at once?!

Sometimes we just have to let go of the old in order to make room for new ways of being — that embolden and empower us to step into who we truly are.  

I can definitely relate!

Within a five-year period, I lost my partnership with the man I thought was the love of my life. I was struggling to make ends meet on my own. I was sexually assaulted by a stranger on the street. And I was working a job I had no passion for, in an unhealthy, disrespectful work environment.

I also watched my father painfully pass away from cancer.

I felt completely alone in the world. Indeed, woe was me.

Eventually I grew tired of my story of victimhood and I decided to turn my life around through a number of transformational processes and practices.

During that time, I was invited into a sweat lodge ceremony with a small community of friends. If you’ve ever participated in such a ritual, you know it’s as if we literally set ourselves on fire!

It was there that I was given the name Phoenix. And from the moment I emerged from the raging heat and walked out into the fresh night air, my life began to change. Dramatically.

The Phoenix is a powerful archetype and symbol of a profound, life-changing initiation for many women...  

This ancient, cross-cultural mythical bird represents renewal and resurrection. At a tipping point, the Phoenix sets itself on fire until it burns to ash, and then rises to begin a new life — a death and rebirth of sorts that represents a thriving through adversity.

In this 6-minute video, leading women’s empowerment teacher Sabrina Chaw shares the story of her Phoenix rising and illuminates the threshold of the “Phoenix Gateway,” the last of 5 “Initiatory” gateways for women: 

Don’t miss these powerful insights from Sabrina:

  • (0.28)  — What is the Phoenix and how does it have power to transmute itself?
  • (0.55)  — Sabrina’s powerful Phoenix gateway story
  • (2.47) — Discover the alchemical process of coming out of adversity and discovering the truth of who you are
  • (4:17) — Explore feminine wisdom in your third act with curiosity & tools to become the woman you want to be (and are destined for!)
  • (4:37) — How to create manifest by following your heart


Don’t miss this potent wisdom and these personal insights from Sabrina — especially what she shares at 2:47, about the alchemical process of coming out of adversity and discovering the truth of who you are...

Watch as Sabrina reveals how the Phoenix Gateway helps us survive whatever life deals us and awaken into sovereign beings —empowered, liberated, and launched into an inspiring next act, ready to go after our dreams.

At the Phoenix Gateway, the alchemical magic happens, all you’ve lived turns into gold, Sabrina says, and you’re ready to soar into your highest life calling.

I have deep gratitude for the Phoenix Gateway. It wasn’t easy. It required dedicated work on myself and a willingness to be witnessed in my transformation by other women.  

Like so many women, I’ve “risen from the ashes,” fulfilled, happy, and empowered...

Do you have a “Phoenix Rising” story to share?  What does your Phoenix Gateway look like? We’d love to hear from you!

You can step into your power, wisdom and freedom in a FREE class with Sabrina Chaw — Taking Flight in Your Third Act: The 5 Initiatory Gateways

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