The Power of Your Heart to Activate Unreasonable Happiness (Plus Meditation)

Phil Bolsta
Phil Bolsta:
Shift Team Writer

Would you like to deepen your relationships, enhance your health and wellbeing, and live an unreasonably happy life?

Would you like to tap into a deeper source of intelligence and discover a veritable ocean of wisdom and love within your own being?

The source of these beautiful blessings may surprise you, for the power to change your life in these wonderful ways can be found in your very own heart.

When a piece of information registers on the screen of your intuition, that intuitive knowing arises from what can only be called the “brain” in the center of your being... at your heart. In other words, your heart intelligence is the source of the knowing,

This deeper, intuitive intelligence can guide you to find your way into a profound coherence of your whole being, enabling you to experience a deeper source of wisdom and wellbeing than you may have thought possible.

In this 10-minute video, integral visionary Terry Patten defines “integral heart intelligence” and explains how to access it to achieve enduring peace and greater resiliency, even in the midst of chaos and crisis.


Don’t miss these highlights that Terry covers in this energizing “mini-workshop”:

  • (0:58) — The heart is a center of intelligence in the human system
  • (2:20) — How you can find your way into a profound coherence of your whole being
  • (3:52) — How you can deal with the crisis of fragmentation in today’s world
  • (5:25) — How your heart electromagnetically connects you to others
  • (6:20) — Why the heart is the very essence of resilience
  • (7:47) — How your heart can be a source of unreasonable happiness

And don’t miss 2:51 when Terry offers a brief guided meditation for tapping into the intelligence of your heart on demand...

We're not going to go through this life without difficulty, says Terry. Yet knowing the truth of your existence, directly, from your intelligent heart gives you a foundation for being unreasonably happy that can transform your life.

Have you tried to attune your consciousness to the intelligence of your heart? What was your experience? We’d love to hear from you!

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