A Powerful “Dream Work” Practice for Uncovering Your Shadow and Your Gifts

A Powerful “Dream Work” Practice for Uncovering Your Shadow and Your Gifts

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

Has a person ever appeared in a dream — and you find you are intensely and inexplicably drawn to them?  

Or perhaps a particular animal or symbol keeps showing up in different dream scenarios…

Or you’ve dreamed you were being chased… yet didn’t know by whom... or what.   

Dreams bypass any filter or censor of the conscious-ego mind, revealing what you would otherwise not see — both negative and positive aspects of your being, known as your shadow aspects. 

Your dreams are rich with information about the disowned parts of your psyche. 

Dreamwork practices can help you develop awareness of these parts and embrace these aspects within you. Once discovered, these aspects are often exactly what you’ve been “missing” and can provide wholeness and balance in your life. 

One powerful (and revealing!) dreamwork practice you can try, is to dialogue with a person, symbol, or animal from your dream. 

In the 3-minute video below, Beth Scanzani shares this insightful process of inquiry: 

Watch as Beth shares the steps for dialoguing with your shadow aspects… so you can begin to “see” these parts and receive the “inner gold” that is who you truly are.  

Dialoguing with the parts of a dream is ultimately a tool for recovering parts of YOU, which you may be afraid of, or project onto others, or you might be completely unaware of.

And if you want to go deeper with your dreamwork, try this writing exercise with your non-dominant hand. This can reveal an even more profound level of insight...

Have you worked with your dreams and disowned parts? What gifts have you from this previously disowned aspect of your psyche? We’d love to hear from you!

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