Recharge Your Kidneys, Increase Mental Clarity & Slow Aging With This Breathing Exercise!

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
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Do you struggle with low energy, sleep issues or fluctuating hormones?

And what about your mental clarity? Don’t you hate it when you stop mid sentence, forgetting what you were just about to say…

I love the wisdom that comes with aging... I feel more confident, more resilient, and more connected to the activities that bring me joy. :)

However, I wish I had the energy of my youth, could sleep “like a baby” and felt more relaxed, more often!

Working at The Shift Network, I am blessed to work with many teachers and be exposed to a variety of healing practices from energy medicine to oils and botanicals to tapping and more...

Recently I had a chance to talk with international bestselling author and Chinese reflexologist, Holly Tse. During a powerful session she revealed that the solution to my health challenges (plus many other common ailments and aging-related issues!) was in my kidneys.

In Chinese Reflexology, the kidneys are considered the “root of life.” They harness the essence of your life force energy and provide the foundation for your health, vitality and longevity.

In this 8-minute video, Holly shares how central your kidneys are to your overall wellbeing — and an essential breathing exercise to recharge your kidneys (and your life force), increase mental clarity and slow aging.

Plus Holly reveals the #1 breathing exercise to activate the healing power of your kidneys...

Don’t miss these highlights that Holly covers in this powerful 8-minute video:

(0:55) — The Root of Life: How your kidneys are the source of your energy & life

(1:42) — Discover healing wisdom from a Shaolin Monk (and his powerful breathing exercise)

(4:45) — How to recharge your kidneys and life force through specific breathing techniques and posture

(7:45) — How to boost your energy and rejuvenate your kidneys to slow aging related issues, including memory loss, premature greying and low energy

If you’ve been looking for a simple, quick way to beneficially shift your health, wellbeing and happiness –– and even feed your soul –– Holly offers a no-nonsense approach to Chinese reflexology and medicine, with simple exercises to help you heal and live your life with the energy and vitality you crave.

Discover simple, ancient secrets for relief from key physical and emotional imbalances that are unique to women at 40, 50 and beyond in Holly Tse’s FREE class The 3 Essential Chinese Reflexology Points for Women at 40, 50 & Beyond: Ancient Wisdom to Balance Your Hormones, Remove Energetic Blocks & Reignite Your Vitality



What’s your go-to breathing exercise when stressed? Have you tried Chinese Reflexology to give your kidneys a boost? We’d love to hear from you!