Reflections on the Marc Gafni Situation

Andrew Harvey
Andrew Harvey:
Founder Institute of Sacred Activism

It is with deep distress and real suffering that I lend my voice to really ask us all to look at Marc Gafni's behavior and come to some serious new conclusions about how to deal with the shadow in our movement....

I say real distress and suffering because, although I've not met Marc Gafni personally, I have admired his books and I have blurbed his book, Your Unique Self, because I thought it was a truly original piece of work. I've also had him on as part of a course I taught for Shift in which he was very eloquent in presenting central ideas from the Jewish tradition.

It really hurts me to stand and say that through the explorations that I have made, I have discovered that the Marc Gafni of the books and the Marc Gafni of the eloquent presentation in the conversation that I had with him is only one side of this complex and potentially dangerous teacher.

When I had that conversation, I received several emails that were outraged and said to me, "How dare you have Marc Gafni on when you're talking about the divine feminine because Marc Gafni has done some terrible things to really abuse the Divine Feminine."

At first I was angry at receiving such emails because I myself have been the target of all kinds of crazy rumors. I know just how disappointed projections upon teachers can lead to rabid cruelty against them, but also I know from my own inmost experience how terrible the abuse of power by a teacher can be....

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