Rumi: The Ultimate Spiritual Guide for Our Time

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

If you — wandering Sufi — are looking for the supreme treasure, do not look outside. Look within, and seek that.”

If you’ve read or heard even just one Rumi poem or quotation, you’ve likely been touched by the mystical power of his words...

Rumi, a Sufi mystic, is today’s most widely read poet in the West (and all over the world!).

Even for those who don’t have an affinity for poetry, Rumi has a clear and beautiful message: The “supreme treasure” of all of life, is within.

Centuries after his time, Rumi has much to teach us about connecting directly with Spirit, the Divine, the One...

During his life, Rumi experienced an extended “Dark Night of the Soul,” resulting in his ultimate enlightenment. He realized his separation from God, the Beloved, Spirit, Higher Power, was actually an illusion… in fact, there was no separation and his previous beliefs were stripped away.

He was left with a priceless gift woven throughout his writing: A direct and ecstatic relationship with the Divine.

Modern mystic and world-renowned Sufism scholar, Andrew Harvey, calls this precious experience a glimpse into “the timeless vision of the glory of Creation.”

Andrew reveals exactly how Rumi’s life and writings and the Sufi tradition can guide YOUR journey of transformation — in which you embody love and compassion, uniting with the Divine as your Beloved.

In this 8-minute audio, Andrew Harvey, author of Way of Passion: A Celebration of Rumi and Son of Man:The Mystical Path to Christ; reveals the 4 stages of “divinization” found not only in Sufism, but in all mystical traditions.

Listen in as Andrew share his passionate insights of Rumi’s journey and deeply mystical relationship with the Divine.

Don’t miss these powerfully moving highlights:

  • (1:09) — 4 stages of mystical divination in Sufism and Christianity
  • (1:24) — Awakening to Divine awareness
  • (2:01) — Falling in love with the Divine
  • (4:23) — Agony and ecstasy of the Dark Night
  • (5:04) — Grace by fire: Rumi’s poem of surrender & bliss
  • (7:00) — An initiation into Divine consciousness

The mystic’s path isn’t an easy one… however, both Rumi’s poetry and Andrew’s wisdom can help smooth the way.

In the last 20 years of his life, Rumi lived in a state of almost constant bliss. He fell head over heels in love... with the Divine.

What’s your inspiration for your relationship with the Divine? Have you been introduced to Sufi Mysticism, and is Rumi a possible guide for you on your spiritual journey? Why or why not? We’d love to hear from you!

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