The Secret to Releasing Your Money Fears (Hint: Money Loves YOU)

The Shift Team
The Shift Team

What is your relationship with money like?

Do you unconsciously push money away or wish you didn’t have to deal with it? Does money bring up feelings which you’d rather not address?

It's no secret that money can trigger fear, worry, or feelings of lack within many of us. Yet the energy of money (yes, it has an energy like everything else), is actually incredibly beautiful and positive…

And if you’re feeling called to heal your relationship with money, that's a very positive step — and essential for fulfilling your highest purpose.

The laws of abundance and attraction are quoted everywhere these days, but most of our concepts of how money works are still rooted in a deeply ingrained sense of scarcity. Guilt, lack of self-worth, and fear are all common emotions that surround the imposing power that money (supposedly) has over us.

Once you recognize the true nature of money — that money wants for you what your soul wants for you — you'll find yourself letting go of the unhealthy imprints in your energy field. Whether it's painful experiences associated with your childhood, difficult family patterns, or a media-driven culture — these issues will lose their power over you as you expand your vibrational capacity and embrace the exquisite energy of money.

In fact, you’ll almost certainily find yourself receiving liberating, heart-opening insights about life from your relationship with money… and that many of these powerful lessons also impart powerful truths about love.

According to leading author and money consciousness teacher Sarah McCrum, money is actually a “relationship of the heart." In the 4-minute video below, Sarah shares how her relationship with money taught her powerful lessons about love.

Watch as Sarah describes the wisdom your relationship with money can reveal to you:

  • (0:09) — What happens when you intentionally start investigating your relationship with money
  • (0:26) — Proof that money and love come from the same place
  • (0:55) — Why it’s common to think of love as a feeling — and how it’s actually so much more
  • (2:00) — The moment on your money-healing journey that can unlock your desire to share both love and money with others
  • (3:05) — Why simple acts of generosity come so naturally to those who nurture a loving relationship with money

We’re often taught that money is “neutral” — meaning you’re the one who projects your own ideas and feelings onto it. Sarah teaches that money is loving and infinite, constantly available to you (and everyone else on the planet). It’s just waiting for you to relate to it as you would your closest friend or family member.

What does your soul want? Money wants that for you too!

Expand your vibrational capacity and receive the loving energy of money as you discover precise and practical methods to clear unhealthy imprints in your energy field. Join us for Sarah McCrum’s FREE one-hour mini workshop, Discover the Generous, Loving Energy of Money: Ignite the Healing Power of Money in Every Area of Your Life.

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