Secrets for Surrendering Control & Landing in Grace (+ Guided Meditation)

Secrets for Surrendering Control & Landing in Grace (+ Guided Meditation)

Miranda Macpherson
Miranda Macpherson:
Spiritual Teacher, Counselor, Author

Grace, the living presence of the Divine, comes alive through your surrender...

Yet surrender is not a thing that you can DO. Rather, it is a melting of the mind. 

This happens naturally when you allow everything to be exactly as it is.

I have found that ceasing to chase after anything particular (even enlightenment) or reject any aspect of your experience, you are ushered into the receptive state — where mysteriously you are found by a Grace deeper than your mind…

Deeper even than your very sense of Self, or your concept of God.

Even though we may say we want such surrender, we may encounter fear that we might fall out of everything we have known. 

Yet you can only ever fall OUT OF a structure of your mind. You can only ever fall INTO Grace.

For Grace is the cause of your being. 
The depth of your heart. 
The power that transforms you.

Are you seeking a more elegant, harmonious, transparent way of being in this world? If so, I want to share with you my 5-minute meditation that I hope helps you experience more surrender and grace in your life.



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