A Simple Marketing Plan -- For Service Providers Who Love Integrity & Collaboration

A Simple Marketing Plan -- For Service Providers Who Love Integrity & Collaboration

By George Kao

Imagine that you had all the clients you ever want -- without any need to promote or advertise yourself or your business. And that you did this through the spirit of service.

Imagine that others, whom you serve, abundantly promote your business!

What follows is a very simple marketing plan that works. Study it carefully and more importantly, put it into practice!

1. Your Clients will abundantly refer you to additional new clients when they (your existing clients) use your service -- and find it so effective and worthwhile!

People naturally want to be helpful, and to be known as being a good resource. When your clients have a great experience of the value of your service, they will happily, eagerly spread the word about it.

Eventually you'll have a self-perpetuating referral engine from all of these grateful clients.

How do you develop this?

A. Improve your services based on client feedback. (What is making the biggest difference for them? What else do they need?) For more, watch this free training: click here.

B. Put it as part of your regular schedule to follow up with your past clients. Having them hear from you personally every 3 months is a good rhythm. Follow up via email or phone to genuinely ask how they are doing, and what you can do to help. At the same time, give an update about your recent work and a few quick stories about recent client results. Invite them to forward that email onto others who need your service.

2. Your Referral Network is a group of peers and niche mates who serve a similar audience as you, but offer services different from yours.  

Do you have a solid referral network?  If not, start building one!

Imagine 24 peers, whom you keep in touch with, who know the value you provide to your clients. They will therefore refer new clients to you. And you to them.  

(This allows you to be a solutions-person for your audience. Not only do you offer your own services, you are a valued resource for your audience -- you recommend other worthwhile businesses to them when they need it.)

Imagine that each person in your Referral Network referred just 1 new potential client to you each quarter: that's 96 potential new clients each year.  

Here is a simple plan to keep in touch. Once a week, plan a call with someone different in your Referral Network. This way you'll talk with each person in your referral network twice a year.   

Diligently build your referral network, and this may be the only "marketing" you need.

3. Your Content is any articles (blog), videos, and audios (or podcasts) where you share helpful ideas from your expertise, from your body of work.  

Think of your content as your legacy: long after this incarnation of your body, your content will continue blessing people for generations!

And while you are here, your content is doing work for you everyday: bringing new audience members and fans to you.

The key is to make your content as engaging as possible. People who consume it will naturally want to share it forward.  

How do you make your content amazing and shareable? You've got to make it more Useful, Digestible, and Attractive. Here's how: click here.

It takes practice, so get started!


Now, imagine that service providers all around the world follow the above plan.  

1. They focus on improving their Services so that it's truly worth sharing.

2. They enjoy collaborating with other service providers for new business through Referral Networks.  

3. They generously share their Content, with an eye toward their multi-generational legacy and blessing.

I welcome you to share this article widely. Let's focus on marketing that is service-oriented and collaborative!

George Kao helps people create their “true livelihood" -- work that is emotionally fulfilling, mentally challenging, spiritually growing, and financially sustaining. George is known for generously and openly sharing his groundbreaking strategies for building authentic businesses. You can find his best content, all for free, at http://georgekao.com/free