Spirit vs. Ego: 9 Key Insights Which Will Open You to More Boundless Love, Freedom & Flow [+ Video]

Spirit vs. Ego: 9 Key Insights Which Will Open You to More Boundless Love, Freedom & Flow [+ Video]

Phil Bolsta
Phil Bolsta:
Shift Team Writer

Imagine yourself embroiled in a heated argument — digging in your heels and growing ever more frustrated as you realize that your impassioned perspective is falling on deaf ears.

Exasperated, you look up, only to realize that you’re arguing with… yourself.

Yes, just under the surface of your life there’s a constant battle raging.

Your ego vs. your spirit.

Consider what would change if you were more attuned to your spirit than your ego... living in complete harmony with spiritual truths... with joy as your constant companion... keenly aware of the Divine’s loving presence in and around you.

What would life look and feel like if you loved more openly, lived in constant gratitude, and experienced less stress at home and at work?

That life is as real as the life you now lead, once you understand — and seek to improve — the relationship between your ego and your spirit.

As esteemed spiritual teacher Miranda Macpherson explains, ego and spirit are polar opposites.

When the soul aligns itself with the mind and body, it unconsciously manifests as ego. When the soul realizes its divine nature, it transcends the body-consciousness of the ego and expresses itself as spirit.

To the extent that you are rooted in the material world, your ego is firmly in control. In reality, your ego has as much power over you as a toddler does over its parent.

And in the illuminating video below, Miranda talks about how essential it is to relax your ego in order to become more aware of your true nature.

She says:

We’re not trying to improve our ego. We’re not even trying to get rid of it; we’re not trying to justify it. We’re just meeting it, meeting it with openness and love so… we start to see more deeply who we really are and what we really are. We start to gain more access with the fact that we already rest in God.

Miranda nailed it. You begin living with greater awareness when you relax the ego and turn your attention to spirit. 


Here are 9 key takeaways on the relationship between ego and spirit:

1.  The more you empty yourself of your ego and your own self-importance, the more room there is to welcome your spirit.

2.  The challenge is maintaining the right balance of ego and spirit so that your spirit is firmly in command, like a parent lovingly guiding a child. Like a child, your ego is motivated by the need for attention, validation and independence.

3.  Lose yourself in ego and you unconsciously act selfishly. Lose yourself in spirit and you consciously act selflessly.

4.  The voice of your spirit sings out, “One for all, and all for one.” The voice of your ego smugly announces, “It’s all about me.”

5.  When you identify with ego, with separateness and scarcity, you see yourself as alone and vulnerable in an unfriendly world. Transcend your ego, and you discover that behind every perceived separation from spirit is a doorway to the Divine.

6.  Ego directs you to judge others by the way they look and act. Spirit urges you to look past superficialities and honor the Divine essence in all.

7.  Your spirit is the angel on your left shoulder, reassuring you that you are a perfect creation of God, that you already have everything you need. Your ego is the devil on your right shoulder, incessantly whispering that you are stronger or weaker than others, that you are entitled to or are unworthy of riches, that you must always look out for number one or for everyone but yourself.

8.  When you look through the eyes of ego, you see the content of life. When you look through the eyes of spirit, you see the context of life.

9.  Steeped in abundance, spirit shares and is always content. Cowering in scarcity, ego takes and is never satisfied.

As Miranda explains in this clip, when you switch your allegiance from your ego to your spirit, you move from self-absorption to self-awareness. You are in the flow, and pressure and struggling give way to peace and serenity.


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