A Step-by-Step Sacred Practice to Connect to the Joy of the Beloved

How often, in these troubled times, have you longed to leap into the outstretched arms of the Divine to find the great love and infinite joy that await you there?

What if you could plainly see that the unseen dimension that surrounds us is bursting with untold opportunities to welcome ever more peace, joy, and love into your heart?

The truth is, says mystic teacher Andrew Harvey, that the barrier separating you from the Beloved’s joyous embrace exists only because you believe it exists.

There are powerful and effective spiritual practices that can help you connect with your higher Self, attain lasting peace, and experience the joy that flows from true connection to the Divine. 

In this inspiring audio clip, Andrew shares such a practice with you — an ancient Hindu tantric practice you can do at any time to connect with the great bliss that created you and lives in you as your essential source of divine love, compassion, and joy.

Listen to Andrew’s wisdom and you will realize that no matter what is going on in the world around you, when you choose to fill your days with joy, there is no downside, and the upside is experiencing heaven on earth.

Don’t miss these highlights that Andrew covers in this uplifting recording:

  • (3:24) — Imagine above your head a pulsing golden sun...
  • (5:16) — Visualize your throat chakra as a rich, red rosebud kissed awake by the golden light...
  • (6:47) — See, know, and feel the love in your every cell…
  • (10:14) — Make a last, loving gesture to all living beings in the world

And don’t miss 9:45 when Andrew guides you to touch the sacred joy that is your birthright.

As Andrew teaches so beautifully, joy, the natural state of the soul, is infinite and eternal. Listen to the whisper of your soul and you will hear it ceaselessly urging you to take flight, to soar toward the heavens and dance ecstatically among the stars.

Have you tried to attune your consciousness to the joyous frequency of the Divine? What was your experience? We’d love to hear from you!

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