Tap Into Your Heart's Intuitive Intelligence for Guidance, Ease & Harmony

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
Author, Speaker, Activist

It’s often said that the longest journey is the 12 inch drop from the head to the heart...

The heart is at the center of your physical being and yet it’s also the center of your intuition, emotions, intelligence and wisdom.

When your mind and heart are not aligned, or in “heart coherence,” this can cause feelings of overwhelm and fatigue as well as lack of clarity or sense of direction, even tension in your relationships.

Heart coherence is a scientifically validated state in which your heart, mind, body and spirit are energetically aligned and cooperating with one another.

With easy-to-use techniques, you can achieve heart coherence everyday and meet challenges with grace and ease. You can discover a new level of mental clarity and focus, creativity and energy.

You can also enjoy a renewed connection to family, friends and your community — even the planet, impacting social and global change through collective coherence.

With this fascinating 7-minute video from the HeartMath Institute, you can take a deeper look into what’s possible — in your life and our world — by tapping into your heart’s intuitive intelligence.

Here are some of the key insights in this 5-minute video:

  • (0:44) — Access sustainable synergy between your heart and mind
  • (1:35) — Make heart-intelligent decisions and choices and elevate your communication with others
  • (2:54)— How to create an intuitive connection with your heart, the “energetic gold” of your being
  • (3:32) — Synchronizing heart intelligence with others for more love and authentic connection
  • (4:28) — Discover the collective opening of the heart shifting the global energy field

As you access your heart’s intelligence, you’re able to embody true contentment and share your gifts with the world.

Vibrating at a higher frequency, you’re literally broadcasting love into the world and positively influencing those around you.

Have you experienced with work of HeartMath before? Do you think global heart coherence is possible? We’d love to hear from you!

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