Uncover the #1 Self-Love Myth and Find True Love... with YOURSELF!

Uncover the #1 Self-Love Myth and Find True Love... with YOURSELF!

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

Do you cringe when you hear the word self-love?

Instead of reminding you of your wonderful qualities, does the idea of self-love immediately bring to mind the parts of yourself you don’t love?

It can be hard to say “I love myself,” and even harder to feel that love...

Especially for the parts that sabotage your goals and create unnecessary pain for you and others. Or the inner critic with its endless commentary that can make your internal world and outer life miserable at times...

True self-love — the key to authentically loving anyone else, not to mention the key to experiencing true JOY and fulfillment — comes from embracingall of who you are. Or as my good friend says, “loving yourself, warts and all.”

It’s common (and understandable) for us to try and suppress, reject or deny the internal parts we deem “bad” while honoring and cultivating the parts we see as “good.”

Yet, each part of us, however shameful or critical or controlling, has a good (albeit, often misguided) reason for being the way it is...

When you seek these parts out, become curious about them, and yes, LOVE them, they actually respond in kind... working with you rather than against you!

The Voice Dialogue process, created by Hal and Sidra Stone, is a powerful way to listen to and embrace the different parts of yourself...

Believe it or not, every part wants what’s best for YOU and wants you to heal and have an amazing life — they just need to be seen, heard and understood.

In the brief video below, Tim Kelley, a leading coach and the author of True Purpose, reveals more about Voice Dialogue, a proven method for loving every part of yourself.

Don’t miss 1:01, where Tim describes what is (and isn’t!) self-love. He also shares the #1 block to self-love... which may surprise you.

When have you experienced the joy and freedom of self-love? Which parts of do you try to overcome or suppress — and which parts are you more able to embrace? We’d love to hear from you!

Discover how to stop self-sabotage and bring ALL the parts within your psyche into alignment — unleashing greater creativity, fulfillment and success (for you and your clients) in Tim Kelley’s FREE class, The Power of Voice Dialogue: Advanced Techniques to Dissolve Limiting Beliefs, Transform the Psyche & Unlock the Deeper Potential Within You and Others

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