Unlock the Keys to Healing & Manifestation with YOUR Unique Energy Codes

Unlock the Keys to Healing & Manifestation with YOUR Unique Energy Codes

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

What if you could unlock radiant health, financial abundance, even attract your soulmate, through your body’s innate energy flow?

YOU are nothing more (and nothing less!) than energy... your body, nervous system and cells, your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, are all energy, vibrating at different frequencies.

And, you can actually train your mind to listen and tap into higher frequency energies in your body... these higher frequencies are the “building blocks” of your goals, visions and dreams.

You can actually build new energetic “circuitry” to attract what you want to manifest in your life as well as clear blockages that are preventing you from creating the healing, abundance and transformation you desire.

You need to create the internal conditions to attract what you want to create in the outer world.
— Dr. Sue Morter

In this 8-minute video, world-renowned Energy Medicine pioneer and spiritual teacher, Dr. Sue Morter, reveals the Energy Codes — a profoundly transformative set of principles and practices based on her 30 years in bioenergetic medicine.

Dr. Sue shares key insights on healing, manifesting and becoming aware of the subtle vibrations within your own energy field — clearing blockages that create imbalances, chronic conditions and even block you from financial abundance!

Don’t miss these highlights Dr. Sue covers in this powerful 8-minute video:

  • (0:00) — What are the Energy Codes?
  • (:49) — Manifesting in your inner & outer worlds
  • (2:17) — Beyond “moving” energy: How to steward your energy flow
  • (3:24) — Recognizing a higher version of YOU
  • (5:18) — Your alpha-thinking ability: Be the Creatorship
  • (5:41) — The next level of Energy Medicine
  • (8:02) — A quantum awakening to your full potential

The Energy Codes are really the next level of Energy Medicine, in which you not only “move the energy” to heal dis-ease — you actually build new neuro-circuitry that allows you to perceive and access an abundance of possibilities for your life...

Have you worked with your own energy to heal and manifest? What were the results? We’d love to hear from you!

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