Vision 2020: 3 Visionaries Answer the Call for a Better World

Vision 2020: 3 Visionaries Answer the Call for a Better World

Are you in need of a real dose of hope?

It’s easy to become disheartened by the injustice, tragedies, and natural disasters unfolding in our communities and around the world...

If you find yourself wondering how things could possibly turn around at this point, you’re not alone.

The truth is we can do it. In fact, many of the solutions we need already exist!

There are people, just like you, who are stepping up to answer the call of our lifetime and bring the change we need... and are ready for!

From integrating social justice curriculum into our schools to realizing gender equality in the media to implementing innovative sustainable energy solutions like “micro-grids”... innovative “solutionaries” are leading the way.

So the question to ask now is: What would happen if, together, we envisioned, and enacted, these powerful solutions for our most pressing issues?

In September 2017, we hosted the first-ever California Vision 2020 Conference. We invited people who have heart, brilliance and practical leadership skills to expand our vision of what’s possible in realms from education to banking reform to criminal justice.

The result? The most extraordinary presentations that many of us have ever seen — touching, brilliant, and provocative.

The lessons, solutions and social innovations that our country (and world) desperately need, apply to the most pressing issues of our time and can work, no matter where you live.

Watch the bold visions of a political leader and social justice champion, a fierce advocate for the portrayal of women and girls in media, and an innovative agent for sustainable change below...

In this inspiring 3-minute video, Dolores Huerta, American labor leader and civil rights activist, makes the critical plea for ending racism. She shares that it begins with early education — and teaching school children about the enormous contributions made by people of color throughout U.S. history.

In this powerful 4-minute video, watch award-winning documentary filmmaker and actress Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s impassioned presentation on entrenched gender bias — in the news, Washington, and Hollywood.

In this riveting 3-minute video, watch as Rinaldo Brutoco, an expert in economics, energy policy, and renewable energy, debunks that myth that renewable energy is too expensive. He shares how California can, in fact live off 100% renewable energy in 10 years or less...

These three extraordinary leaders offer real hopeand solutions...and this is only a tiny fraction of actions and initiatives happening across the globe!

Step by step, we CAN shift the way we do things on this planet and create a world that works for all...

Do you have an idea or solution (big or small!) to share, which can create positive change? We’d love to hear from you!

Discover groundbreaking strategies and real solutions for climate change, inequality, racism, corruption and more at Vision 2020, a FREE online event.

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