Want to Time Travel & Glimpse the Future? Discover Quantum Dreaming

Want to Time Travel & Glimpse the Future? Discover Quantum Dreaming

Susan Audrey
Susan Audrey:
Shift Team Writer

If you’ve ever wanted to consciously craft your future, wished you were psychic, or wanted to time travel... then you’ll want to learn about Quantum Dreaming.

First, you need to know that this way of dreaming — that can be done while you’re asleep or awake — is rooted in Quantum physics, and its name has been coined by bestselling author and renowned dream explorer Robert Moss. (You can listen to Robert’s fascinating account of this dreaming practice, that you, too, can do, below.)

The practice of Quantum Dreaming weaves modern science with the ancient wisdom of shamans, known for their ability to access other dimensions and travel beyond present time into the future and past.

Nobel laureate and quantum physics pioneer Wolfgang Pauli called dreams his “secret laboratory.”

And when you learn to use your night dreams in this way — not only in sleep but in liminal states between sleep and waking — you can create your own secret laboratory, where you can find solutions for your life challenges, dream up and help manifest your future for the better, and “travel” to other realms. .. including the past, future, and even parallel lives.

In the Dreamtime, you’re released from your conventional views of reality. You can access your “non-local” mind and travel beyond your body and brain and bring back memories of the future and of other worlds.

If this sounds too “far out” to you or if you’re fascinated to discover the how’s and why’s of this concept, you’ll really want to listen to the following 9-minute audio from Robert.

He has an uncanny way of unfolding the science behind this conscious way of dreaming — which opens us to our inherent connection to other realms beyond our everyday — without snuffing out the sense of magic and thrill of greater possibilities that come with it...

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how you can become a more empowered creator of your future — and have great fun doing it — through the practice of Quantum Dreaming, and more:

  • (00:49) — What it means to become a Quantum Dreamer.
  • (01:31) — Discover how consciousness generates worlds.
  • (02:30) — How to explore parallel lives.
  • (04:36) — Discover how you have the ability through your thoughts to effect the universe.
  • (06:45) — The exciting adventures the practice of Quantum Dreaming offers us.
  • (08:10) — How to unveil the time travel you may already be experiencing in your dreams.

Robert is a master dream teacher, greatly loved by his students. His inspiring teachings and fascinating dreaming practices, which show us how dreaming is traveling — and how we, too, can embark on adventures in other times and other realms — have helped thousands change their lives of the better...

Do you have a story about time traveling in your dreams? Have you experienced personal transformations inspired by your dreams? We’d love to hear from you!

Discover how Quantum Dreaming can allow you to journey into other realms, learn practices for reclaiming your natural psychic abilities, and find out how to access guidance and healing to manifest your dreams and revitalize your health in Robert Moss’s FREE class: Becoming a Quantum Dreamer: Experiment With Time Travel, Explore Parallel Worlds & Change Your Future for the Better.

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