What’s the Difference Between Lucid Dreaming & Dream Yoga? (PLUS #1 Practice!)

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
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We’re accustomed to deepening our personal growth journeys during our “waking hours”…

Yet, what if your dreamtime could become a type of night school — a spiritual laboratory where you could raise your consciousness, heal from your past, and even practice learning new skills

Lucid dreaming is being “awake” and aware that you’re dreaming when you’re asleep… a time where your conscious mind meets your unconscious mind.

Lucid dreaming also leads to lucid living. As you become more conscious during your nighttime, you begin to shift your awareness during your waking life. 

Through a centuries-old Tibetan Buddhism form of lucid dreaming, you can move beyond passively participating in your dreams, into deeper states of active transformation. 

This powerful, ancient practice, Dream Yoga, is the next level of lucid dreaming, according to author, Dream Yoga expert, and spiritual teacher Andrew Holecek.

Dream Yoga stretches you, turning your nighttime into a time for your most dedicated spiritual practice…

Practicing Dream Yoga opens the door to deep healing allowing you to work directly with your Soul to receive the exact knowledge you need — and in every area of your life from your health to relationships, even your work in the world.

During this rich 8-minute video, Andrew unpacks Dream Yoga and how a nocturnal spiritual practice can help you heal your body, release limiting beliefs and patterns, liberate your creativity, and more.  

Don’t miss these highlights from Andrew’s teaching during this powerful 8-minute video:

  • (0:12) — The difference between lucid dreaming and Dream Yoga 
  • (2:00) — Your mind is a spiritual laboratory while you’re asleep 
  • (2:23) — 9 stages of consciousness in Dream Yoga 
  • (3:04) — The benefits of Dream Yoga in your waking life 
  • (5:21) — Using Dream Yoga to transform negative emotions into positive ones 
  • (7:00) — Resolving lifelong conflicts with loved ones who have died 
  • (7:52) — Discover the waking, mind-body connection in Dream Yoga  


Plus, Andrew shares the #1 (simple!) Dream Yoga practice with you...

Dream Yoga allows you to greatly expand your awareness and possibilities for positive change –– which can result in greater fulfilment, happiness, and even better health. 

Try Andrew’s practice and let us know about your experience. We’d love to hear from you!


Awaken your consciousness while you sleep through advanced Tibetan practices of lucid dreaming during Andrew Holecek’s FREE class Discovering Dream Yoga: Next Level Lucid Dreaming & Tibetan Practices for Awakening, Healing and Liberation.

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