What ‘Taboo’ Body Part Holds the Key to YOUR Healing, Joy & Power?

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
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When you close your eyes and drop into your “center,” what area of your body do you imagine tapping into? Your heart, your gut, your mind?

Rarely do we think of the pelvis as one of our main wisdom centers… yet, your pelvis is an essential area that can be a key to your healing, vitality, and joy.

If you’re like most people, you’re likely disconnected from your pelvis...

The pelvis can hold shame, fear, or judgement, making it uncomfortable to become present and fully embody this area. The pelvis is also associated with sexuality and sensuality making it a “taboo” part of the body.

Whether due to trauma, injury, or cultural messages, most of us are completely “locked out” of this source of power and wisdom. Lacking a connection to our true power, we run on pure willpower, creating stress, and even burnout.

You may even experience tension or chronic pain in your pelvis, which contributes to your inability to access the wisdom that is held there.

According to leading conscious awareness instructor, Suzanne Scurlock, the pelvis is one of the five wisdom areas in your body.

Attuning to all of them dissolves confusion, stress, pain, and overwhelm — and gives you access to the deep-down-in-your-bones wisdom, which we all want to be able to rely on to keep us and our loved ones safe, make important life decisions, discern whether a romantic partner is right for us (or not)...   

In this short video, Suzanne reveals more about this forgotten or ignored (or “taboo”!) wisdom area AND why it’s so important to listen to it.

What’s your relationship with this “taboo” wisdom area of your body? Do you experience physical, psychological, or emotional issues in your pelvis that have cut you off from the wisdom you actually hold there?  We’d love to hear from you!

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