What Can Your Past Lives Tell You About Your Relationships Today?

Gina Vucci
Gina Vucci:
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Have you ever met someone and felt instantly connected… or instantly repelled? 

It’s easy to see how someone we love deeply might have been connected with us in a past life, but what about difficult people in our lives? 

Challenging relationships with friends, family or coworkers can signify past life connections as well.

And not only that, these people are here to help you grow… and you’ve most likely made an agreement with them before you incarnated, to help you resolve a particular issue in this lifetime! 

Does knowing this make it easier to receive the teaching they bring to your life? 

Exploring your past lives gives you insight into your relationships in this lifetime and lessons your soul has chosen for your evolution.

Health issues, struggles to find your work in the world, lovers, friends, coworkers, and neighbors… all of these relationships are an opportunity for growth. 

Through this lens, you begin to see life is a school in which your soul — with the support of higher guidance — has designed the curriculum for your utmost benefit.

In this 9-minute video, world-renowned author, psychologist and regression therapist, Dr. Linda Backman, illuminates the remarkable information that can be sourced from past lives.

Dr. Backman reveals how your relationships (both positive and negative) are the result of karmic patterns and the lessons you must learn in this lifetime.

Don’t miss these highlights Dr. Backman covers in this powerful 9-minute video:

  • (1:00) — What is a Soul Family?
  • (1:25) —  How is your lifetime like a classroom?
  • (3:27) — What do the people who impact your life the most (positively and negatively) have to teach you?
  • (4:32) — Dr. Backman shares her own personal story of romantic relationship and her soul’s evolution
  • (6:55) — What has YOUR Soul agreed to learn in this lifetime?
  • (8:15) — How difficult relationships are actually a learning opportunity you agreed to

In this life — and each of our past lives (and future lives!) — we’re both a teacher and a student. We help each other grow and assist each other’s spiritual evolution through the experiences we share in this lifetime. Past life exploration gives us the insight to make use of these lessons...

Have you explored your past lives? What past life has shaped this lifetime for you the most?  We’d love to hear from you!


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