What Is a Shamanic Initiation?

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

Have you witnessed or experienced the power of shamanic healing?

Do you have a sense of the healing forces moving within you… and all around you?

Shamanic principles and practices are about becoming initiates of energy…

… learning to clear out energy blocks and beliefs that cause disease, and using the healing energy of your consciousness (and from other beings) to shapeshift a new reality.

For some people, this initiation can be extremely powerful... a “kundalini-like” experience that unleashes blocked life-force energy, causing the body to twitch or perspire, or producing high-pitched ringing in the ears, visions, and even crying.

Such experiences can produce a feeling of profound union with the Divine — or what world-renowned shamanism teacher and Peruvian healer don Oscar Miro-Quesada calls “God Intoxication.”

In this 3-minute video, don Oscar shares some of the physical symptoms and spiritual breakthroughs of true shamanic initiations…

Don’t miss these highlights that don Oscar covers in this energizing mini-workshop:

  • (0:12) — Symptoms of spontaneous shamanic awakenings
  • (0:45) — ”God Intoxification” as expressions of the Divine
  • (1:16) — Purge lower vibrations of energy or hoocha
  • (2:01) — Dissolve disease, disharmony, and trauma
  • (2:28) — The Shamanic path… a healing tradition and a spiritual practice

For other practitioners, shamanic initiations can be more subtle, yet the shifts in the body and mind can be just as life-changing.

And you don’t need to have an earthshaking event, or “see” a vision to be initiated into this powerful path. The shamanic path is for everyone… it is a sacred way of relating to the world as much as it is a potent healing tradition.

Have you or someone you know experienced the healing power of shamanic practices and principles? We’d love to hear from you!

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