What Women & Men Really Want From Each Other (Crack the Queen’s Code With Alison Armstrong)

The Shift Team
The Shift Team

Do you believe that “men are from Mars and women are from Venus”?

And if so, have you ever stopped to wonder why women and men are worlds apart in the ways they think and operate?

Thirty years ago, leading relationship expert and author Alison Armstrong wondered the same thing…

So she set out to learn all she could about men, then about women, and then about men and women in relationship. What Alison discovered is that men and women often work AGAINST each other — preventing them from experiencing true partnerships, intimacy, and fun. The very things that men and women truly want from each other...

Could it be that the “Battle of the Sexes” is a naturally occurring phenomenon? If that’s the case, what can YOU do to create smoother, happier relations with the opposite sex?

In the video below, Alison reveals how every human instinct pulls in the opposite direction of what women and men want from each other. Watch to discover Alison’s “secret code,” and how you can begin to crack it.

Don’t miss these revelatory insights from Alison:

  • (0:04) — How our human instincts can work against us 
  • (1:10) — What prevents women from getting what they want from men
  • (2:17) — Cracking the Queen’s Code: What motivates and inspires men 
  • (3:00) — Fear, disappointment, anger, and other “triggers” 
  • (4:05) — Making a commitment to a mutual “code of honor” 

As you’ve likely experienced in your own relationships, not recognizing differences can trigger feelings of fear, anger, and hurt. Try as you might to set aside the triggers so you can connect, it can seem like swimming upstream in a very rocky river.

Yet, understanding what makes the other gender tick can lead to a mutual “code of honor” that celebrates who we are as men and as women, opening the door to enjoying more playful and mutually fulfilling connections…

And not only in our romantic partnerships, but with our sons, grandsons, and male colleagues. Be sure you catch what Alison shares at 3:18 about how women can “unwittingly bring out the worst in men” — and if you’re a woman, what YOU can do to honor yourself and the men in your life … to bring out the BEST in both.

Why do YOU think relationships between men and women can be so challenging? Share your experiences with romantic partners, family members, and coworkers below. We’d love to hear from you!

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