Which 10-Minute Morning Routine Do Energy Medicine Experts Recommend for Supercharging Your Life?

Which 10-Minute Morning Routine Do Energy Medicine Experts Recommend for Supercharging Your Life?

Donna Eden
Donna Eden:
Energy Medicine Pioneer & Author

How do your days begin? Do you wake up alert and alive, ready to go and anticipating the people, events and activities to come?

Or is your mood a bit grey... your head filled with an endless to-do list, and your heart heavy?

If the latter, I would like to share a set of simple energy exercises with you below which can enliven your sense of vitality, your resilience and your joy.

This routine has been developed over years of teaching people how to use energy medicine to build their own health after using it successfully on my own healing journey....

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been able to see people’s energy fields. Still, it wasn't until I became very, very sick that I realized how these fields reflect and affect our health and happiness.

In my teens and 20s, I suffered from many allergies, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and with all my organs breaking down, I had a heart attack at 27.

Conventional medical doctors gave up on me. But by that time I had two daughters to raise, and I was determined to heal myself.

In the process of doing this, I learned how the electromagnetic energies of the body respond to thought and to touch. I also learned how to help others assess these energies through energy testing.

I began what became a very full and rewarding energy medicine practice, and I started to teach people how to strengthen the energy systems that support health.

You can read more about the routine I’m sharing with you here in my book, Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality (co-authored with my husband, David Feinstein, PhD).  

Even though the book covers a lot of ground (including descriptions and practical application of nine energy systems), you can do the exercises which are demonstrated in the video below in under 10 minutes.  

And if you do them every day for just two weeks, you’ll be amazed at the difference in how you feel!

People ask "Donna, how can something so short and simple have such power?"

Before I answer that question, I'd like you to actually experience the daily energy routine…..

Take a moment, right now, to tune into yourself and rate your current mood and energy level. On a scale of zero to 10 (where zero is feeling really down and out, and 10 is feeling on top of the world), give yourself a number.

Now, I invite you to watch my video, where I’ll guide you through eight powerful energy exercises….

Daily Energy Routine for More Vitality, Resilience & Joy


So, how did doing this quick set of exercises affect your mood and your energy level?  

On a scale of zero to 10, rate yourself now.  

Many people who do these eight exercises notice an immediate and significant energy boost (even if they do them after lunch!).

Would you like to know more about what each of the exercises in the Daily Energy Routine does to tune up your energies?  

After we explore the purpose and impact of each of the eight exercises you practiced with the video, I’ll tell you a little more about how these exercises work together to help you build habits of health that can create a continuous upward spiral in your resilience, your vitality and your joy in life.

1.  The 4 Thumps

Use several fingers or knuckles to thump vigorously on the spots listed below and shown in the video.  As in all the exercises, focus on breathing through your nose and out through your mouth as you do these (this connects the energy flow through your Central and Governing meridians).

  • The Grounding Thump

This movement helps ground you by insuring that Stomach meridian has a strong flow of energy down to the toes and out into the ground. Boosting the flow of stomach meridian also helps the energy of worry and of distressing problems to drain from your body, leaving you feeling stronger and more in charge of your life.

  • The K-27 Thump

This helps the meridians flow forward instead of in irregular patterns, insuring a better flow through the whole meridian system.  In Chinese medicine, the Kidney meridian is believed to conduct the Earth’s vital energy (Qi or Chi) up from the bottom of the feet through the body to the K-27 points, where it is distributed to other meridians.  

Stimulating the K-27 points helps to restore your energy, increases strength and vitality, and bolsters the immune system. It also supports better communication among all the energy systems.

Location:  The K-27 points are the upper end points of the Kidney meridian, and are located by following along your collar bone until you come to the corners of the collarbone just below and at either side of the throat. Move your fingers down about an inch. Most people have an indent there —  this is the location of the K-27 points which you thump with some force or press hard with your thumbs, pointer fingers, or middle fingers, making small circles in either direction.

  • The Thymus Thump

Stimulates the thymus gland, which supports the immune system, makes T-cells, and helps the body fight disease. The Thymus Thump also helps your body handle stress and shock.

  • The Spleen Point Thump

Stimulates and supports the Spleen meridian in its work of overseeing the body’s ability to metabolize energies, substances, and even thoughts. Spleen also governs metabolism and blood flow, and supports immune functioning (including response to infection and inflammation).

Thump in one of two locations:  Either at the side of the ribcage at the base of the ribs (upper end of the Spleen meridian), or on the Spleen Neurolymphatic Reflex points located directly under the nipples in the indent that is one rib below the “bra line” (where the breast meets the ribcage). Thumping at this second set of points helps activate the lymph system to clear toxins that are blocking Spleen meridian functions.


2.  Crossover Shoulder Pull

Helps you gain energy and mental clarity, and feel whole and complete. If you have been sick, this exercise will help you get well.


3.  The Cross Crawl

When you were an infant learning to crawl, you were activating brain integration as an essential part of development and coordination. The Cross Crawl does the same thing by reinforcing the crossover patterns in your brain and body. The Cross Crawl balances and harmonizes energy, improves coordination, and clears thinking.


4.  The Wayne Cook Posture

A version of this exercise was originally developed by Wayne Cook, a pioneering researcher of the body’s energy fields. The exercise is designed to link the energies of the back brain with those of the front brain. Because it involves crossing arms and legs, breathing deeply, and holding the feet so points on most of the meridians are stimulated, it provides support for integration of mind and body. It is also helpful for grounding, since you are making contact with K-1, a prime grounding point on the bottom of the foot.


5.  The Crown Pull

When you breathe, the plates of your skull move subtly with each inhalation and exhalation, pulling apart just a bit along the suture lines. This subtle “cranial adjustment” helps to pump the cerebrospinal fluid into the brain and also helps to oxygenate the brain. When the skin of the scalp becomes tight, the muscles on the head can grow rigid. The movement of the skull plates can be impeded, as well. Either way, we can get clogged mentally and energetically, and become “stuck in our head.” The Crown Pull helps to release this stuck energy and provides support to the natural movement of the skull plates. It also relieves mental congestion and headaches, clears and refreshes the mind, sharpens memory, and opens the Crown chakra to higher inspiration.

6.  Connecting Heaven & Earth

This exercise stretches the torso and is particularly helpful in activating Spleen meridian, which plays a vital role in your immune functioning and overall health. It opens energies throughout the body, particularly in the joint areas, which helps prevent arthritis. It encourages Triple Warmer to function in special positive ways as a Radiant Circuit. This exercise also bridges the Earth/yin and Heaven/yang energies that feed the aura.

It adds to the efficiency of your liver (which sits in Wood element or rhythm in Chinese Medicine), enhancing the balance between the energies of the Wood and Earth rhythms, and actually has a positive effect on each of the elements. It is a great exercise to use in moments of transition to clear out old energy and make space for the new in your body, as well as your life (for example, between clients, between classes, just before leaving work, or upon arriving home).


7.  The Zip-Up  

The Zip-Up boosts confidence, clears your thoughts, and protects you from negative energies that may be around you. It is also an excellent time to do affirmations. The Zip-Up involves tracing Central meridian from its base at the pubic bone up to the bottom lip and then “locking” the motion in with a metaphorical twist of the key. Central is greatly affected by the energies of your own mood, by other people, and by the environment. Central meridian can be used to reinforce affirmations and self-suggestion.


8.  The Hook-Up

The Hook-Up is a simple yet profound energy intervention. It involves creating a connection between Central and Governing meridians (and their related Radiant Energy flows). Central meridian travels from your pubic bone, up the center of your body, and ends deep in your throat at the level of your bottom lip. Governing meridian travels from your tailbone up your spine, and over your head, ending at the back of your throat in line with your top lip.

These two energy streams act as an “energetic spine,” connecting mind and body, maintaining the body’s deep habits, and keeping the Radiant Circuits accessible. The Hook-up exercise helps to strengthen this energetic spine and creates a strong energy field around the body to help you feel whole and connected. It also sends energy out to all of the other energy systems.

Now that you understand a bit more about each of the exercises in the Daily Energy Routine, I’d like to tell you about how they work together to support your vitality and joy.

Working with thousands of people throughout the world, I've honed the routine down to those exercises that produce the highest value for the most people. You can feel this yourself through the practice you've just done.

What lies ahead for you, however, are the results you will experience as you do this practice over time. Many people use the Daily Energy Routine as a morning wake-up routine. It doesn't really matter when during the day you do this.

What matters is continuing to do the exercises every day.

As you continue to practice, you develop energy habits that support good health. Energies begin to flow more fully along their natural channels.  

Meridians such as Triple Warmer and Spleen come into a more harmonious relationship. Reactive patterns, including tense muscles, depressed immune response, or allergies abate, promoting overall resilience and ability to meet daily challenges. You may notice that you get fewer colds or recover faster from illness.

As energies unlock and flow through the body, more energy is available for higher functions. Systems such as the aura and chakras stabilize, enabling connections to inner and higher wisdom.

You may feel more meaning or beauty in daily life, or find a stronger sense of purpose that ignites common activities. Relationships or personal opportunities may blossom in unexpected ways.

The brief and simple exercises of the Daily Energy Routine connect us to deeper and deeper levels of “waking up.”

Today, past what many consider retirement age, I feel healthier than at any previous time in my life. David and I continue to travel the world, write, teach and spread information about the power of Energy Medicine.

Our relationship has deepened and become ever more creative and vital, and our regular practice of energy exercises is part of the mix.

And we hope it becomes a regular part of your daily routine and you, too, experience similar results!

PS - If you enjoyed my Daily Energy Routine above, I hope you'll download my free hour-long audio, where you'll discover powerful ways to Tap into Your Full Vitality with Energy Medicine:

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