Why You Need to Be ‘Wisely Selfish’ (The Keys to Creating a Truly Fulfilling Next Phase of Your Life)

Why You Need to Be ‘Wisely Selfish’ (The Keys to Creating a Truly Fulfilling Next Phase of Your Life)

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
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What a journey it’s been...

You’ve celebrated many successes — and you’ve learned from your #Fails...

Your relationships have brought joy and pain (naturally), stretching your capacity to love and be loved. And if you’ve raised a family, you’ve likely juggled those responsibilities too,  even while advancing in your professional life and finding time for spiritual growth.    

All of these experiences have made you the woman you are today: Complex and wise (take a deep breath, here)... And now you’re ready for your “next act.”  

You’re ready to create a fulfilling next phase of your life that embraces ALL of who you are...

Yet, you may sense that what worked for you in your 20’s, 30’s and 40s — as a daughter, wife, mother, friend and career woman — won’t bring you the clarity and sense of fulfillment you’re seeking in your 50s, 60s and beyond.  

You likely have conflicting desires and dreams, internal complexities that cloud your vision — as well as cultural expectations you’ve internalized and that are difficult to recognize... and let go of.  

This is the time of life many women are called to become “wisely selfish," says leading transformation teacher and author Sarah Marshank, inviting us to embrace this new definition of selfish, which is actually about deep self-care and deep self-knowledge.  

In this 6-minute video, Sarah Marshank shares how you can create the next phase of your life, by building a relationship with your “many selves….”


Don't miss these wisely selfish highlights from Sarah!:

(00:04) — Are you selfish or wisely selfish?   

(1:00) —  Who is your primary Self?

(1:45) —  Meeting your many selves

(2:05) —  What is the best choice for YOU, now?

(3:44) —  Exploring your many complexities

(4:45) — Creating a full (and fully integrated) life

Sarah’s teachings will help you give your different selves voice and embrace them. It’s the first step to creating the rest of your life…

Sarah’s wisdom is hard won and honest. Drawing on her journey from escort to “monk” to wife, stepmother and now grandmother and spiritual teacher, she offers profound, yet practical insights that can guide YOU in creating the next phase of your life.  

Learn more  creating the next phase of your life, in a FREE class with Sarah Marshank — How to Be Wisely Selfish: A Spiritual Path for Complex & Creatively Wild Women  

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