Why Your Inner Critic Won’t Leave You Alone: 4 Types of Saboteurs That Take Up Mental Real Estate

Why Your Inner Critic Won’t Leave You Alone: 4 Types of Saboteurs That Take Up Mental Real Estate

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

Is there a critical voice inside your head... sometimes a very LOUD one?

You may wonder, why this internal naysayer won’t just leave you alone — so you can go about your life, confidently achieving your goals and building the life and relationships you yearn for.

If you’re like most people, quieting your inner critic isn’t that easy…

Maybe you’ve tried ignoring the not-so-helpful, even abusive, voice?

Or attempted to reason with it, meditate on it, or journal it away — all to no avail?

Tim Kelley, a leading coach and the author of the bestseller, True Purpose, is an expert on identifying and working with the inner critic.

He teaches that there are different types of inner critics, and they’re actually here to help you.

The first step in overcoming the barrage of commentary from your inner critic, is to become aware of this inner voice as your inner critic.

Once you recognize this voice for “who” it is, the next step is to acknowledge the inner critic — first to yourself and then, sharing about it with trusted friends who can support you in developing a healthy relationship with this part within you.

In this powerful audio, listen to Tim’s fascinating breakdown of the types of Inner Critics (some more demanding of our attention than others) and how you can actually transform every area of your life through working with your inner critics...

Don’t miss these highlights that Tim covers in this powerful 5-minute audio:

  • (:42) —  What does your inner critic want & why you can’t just tell it to “get lost”
  • (1:59) — The Judge & The Perfectionist — variations of the inner critic
  • (3:11) — “Do more, try harder!” — the voice of the Pusher
  • (4:28) —  Overcoming shame from your inner critic  

As you listen to this clip, consider if you relate to Tim and identify closely with The Judge? Or is your dominant inner critic The Perfectionist, Pusher, or…(yikes!) The Annihilator?

Each type of critic has its own way of speaking and agenda, with one of them tending to cause more shame than the others.

Do you listen to your Inner Critic? Why or why not? Which Inner Critic sounds most like the one inside YOUR head? We’d love to hear from you!

Discover a powerful approach to transform your inner critical voice from a source of insecurity, doubt and pain into a true ally that supports your happiness and success in Tim Kelley’s FREE class, Transforming Your Inner Critic: How to Turn Your Greatest Internal Enemy Into An Ally.

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