Women Tricksters Rising Up: Discover the Transformative Energies of Trickster in YOU

Lee Doyle
Lee Doyle:
Shift Team

The world is now a very different place…

In the last year, women all over the world marched, millions voiced, “me too!” and demanded accountability and change, and now, a record number of women are running for office and stepping into leadership roles.

Hundreds of thousands of young people took to the streets after the Parkland shootings, to protest gun violence and challenge leadership to take action to save future lives.  

And in general, politically, socially and in male-female relationships things have never felt more topsy-turvy, less predictable, or full of possibilities for positive change...    

The primary force sparking this massive cultural shift isn’t fear or a play for power… it’s the Trickster. Often depicted as male in folklore, myth, and popular culture, Trickster (which is in each of us) — is now taking center stage in in women’s lives and in the world.

The woman trickster’s role, says Caroline Casey, visionary activist, astrologer and, author… is to “mock the community because she loves it… and to defy authority through her wit and agility.”    

The woman trickster is the truth-teller for herself and the culture. In lieu of anger, she uses intelligence, unpredictability, magic, and a dose of healthy deception, to bring about change in her own and others’ lives.   

 In the 10-minute video below, Caroline Casey, a “maestro” of all things Trickster, shares the many key insights into Trickster.

Watch as Caroline shares the following insights and her Trickster wisdom and wordplay serve as a call for YOUR inner trickster to stand up for what’s in your heart to create, change, and liberate:

  • (0:04) — What’s is Trickster (within and without)?
  • (0:47) — Setting ourselves and our world free: the ingenuity of nature
  • (1:43) — Trickster the ingenious escape artist
  • (2:10) — Woman Trickster: Scheherazade from One Thousand Arabian Nights
  • (2:48) — Discover Woman as Trickster
  • (4:00) — The Wolf model of leadership: Charisma and play
  • (5:22) — The Myth of Inanna, trickster goddess of love and beauty
  • (9:10) —  Transforming “trauma” into your “dangerous, beautiful assignment”
  • (10:00) — A Trickster ditty to take with you out into the world


Trickster’s energy is also the life force in plants and animals, what Caroline calls, “nature’s guiding genius.” This energy flows through YOU, to guide your self-expression and illuminate your gifts, and create solutions that can benefit the greater good. 

Your own trickster energies are actually magical and experimental. This ingenious “disruptive” power can allow you to challenge the status quo — including your internal habits and outmoded ways of being — which can liberate you and those around you.

The Trickster is the key to completing your “beautiful dangerous assignment” — Caroline’s playful reframing of life mission, dramas, and traumas. And for all aspiring change leaders who want to contribute their unique gifts,Trickster won’t block you, it will be your guide.

To discover how to tap into this incredible energy, watch Caroline’s video — and don’t miss her fascinating insight about Trickster’s expression in the “wolf model” of leadership. (Wolves operate on charisma and play, not dominance!)

In what ways do you see the Trickster showing up in your life or the world? How can you use play, magic and creativity to guide you through an important transition?  We’d love to hear from you!

Discover the power of Trickster’s unpredictability (and magic) to liberate yourself and our world — during Caroline Casey’s FREE class Trickster Medicine! 

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