Coincidence, or Actual Soul-to-Soul Transmission? with Suzanne Giesemann

Coincidence, or Actual Soul-to-Soul Transmission? with Suzanne Giesemann

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

Once you’ve embraced the path of mediumship, you’ll begin to regularly experience soul-to-soul communication with your higher self, loved ones who’ve passed, and beings from every realm... 

In that rarefied space , it can be tempting to mistake just about everything that happens around you as a sign from a loved one beyond the veil.

According to mystic, medium, and author Suzanne Giesemann, when there’s a meaningful, timely component to the experience, yes, it may be your loved ones manipulating the vibrations around you. Otherwise, it’s likely just an ordinary earthly occurrence.

Suzanne teaches that we all have constant access to guidance from our departed loved ones, our ancestors, the people we were in past incarnations, and guides in the form of pets, archangels, masters, and beings from other realms.

These souls have seen much more than we could ever imagine, and tapping into their profound wisdom can be life-changing. But how can you tell when they’re trying to reach you?

In the above video, Suzanne shares how to discern the difference between meaningful soul-to-soul experiences and routine happenings.

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • (0:07) — What it might mean if, for instance, a light in your home flickers
  • (0:22) — The significant detail that signals your deceased loved ones are likely trying to contact you
  • (0:36) — The personality traits that usually indicate a deceased loved one enjoys communicating through vibrations around you
  • (01:04) — The skill you’ll need when trying to discern whether your deceased loved one is trying to get in touch — and why no one can take it away from you

Suzanne has many practical insights to share — be sure to take a few minutes to watch!

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