Discovering the Ancient Treasures of Mexican Dream Knowledge

Discovering the Ancient Treasures of Mexican Dream Knowledge

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

“The one who doesn’t remember his or her dreams is like a living dead, because he has no control of the waking state.”

This wisdom was imparted to Sergio Magaña, Mexican mystic, healer, and dream teacher, many years ago by his first dreaming teacher. Sergio was indoctrinated into the world of dreaming — and its wisdom and power in helping us create our own reality — when he was only seven years old.

As he learned more about dreaming, he realized everything that happens in waking life is profoundly influenced by our dreams. 

In the video above, Sergio explains the power of Toltec Dreaming — what it is, how it can help you clear the way for more transformative dream states, and how it can manifest your desires and even change the trajectory of your life.

Don’t miss these highlights in this illuminating video with Sergio:

  • (0:59) — The power of dream planting
  • (01:23) — The advantage of manifesting in your dreams vs. your waking life
  • (02:28) — Learn how the night is split into different dreaming cycles to assess your optimal times for lucid dreaming and creating in your dreams
  • (03:19) — What can happen when you learn how to wake up correctly

Sergio has so much truly fascinating wisdom to share; I hope you take a few minutes to watch!

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