The Little-Known Alta Major Chakra

The Little-Known Alta Major Chakra

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

As a legendary luminary in healing science and practice, Dr. Tiffany Jean Barsotti has forever touched us with her wisdom, embodied presence, and the deep love she shared with her community and the broader circle of humanity. 

Though we mourn the loss of her physical form in February, 2024, Tiffany’s vast contributions to the field of bioscience will live on…

… which is why we are committed to celebrating Tiffany and moving her legacy forward by continuing to make her teachings available, including the work she did with the alta major chakra. 

As Tiffany taught, the alta major chakra — which rests at the base of the skull — works with the vagus nerve and the brain stem’s reticular activating system to create a triad of inner knowing that can shift your entire physiology for the better.

Known as the “mouth of God” in many spiritual cosmologies, the alta major plays a big role in our ability to connect with the Divine. 

In the above video, Tiffany shares more on the significance of the alta major in our spiritual development and ability to accurately interpret the signs, signals, and messages we’re receiving. 

Don’t miss these highlights in this insightful video:

  • (00:13) — Why Tiffany’s friend and colleague Eileen McKusick calls the alta major chakra her mail slot
  • (00:30) — What makes the alta major chakra so unique, and why it’s been left out of so many conventional wisdom systems
  • (00:49) — What this unique moment is calling you to do 
  • (01:03) — Why it’s so important to respect your entire energy system
  • (01:20) — What happens when you’re blocked in key energetic areas

Having devoted decades of research to uncovering the shrouded wisdom of our esoteric physiology, Tiffany taught that the alta major not only connects us with higher guidance but also interfaces with key parts of our physiology to align and uplift us

As a leading researcher of subtle energy and biofield therapies, Tiffany had so much timeless wisdom to share. We hope you take a few minutes to watch this video. 

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