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“What used to be science fiction is now science fact,” says Gregg Braden.

In this video clip Gregg explains how, just as those cinematic scientists extracted DNA from the fossilized remains of ancient forms of life in the movie, Jurassic Park…

… we can now extract DNA from forms of life that are believed to be our evolutionary ancestors and compare those samples to our DNA today.

These advances promise to blow open the door to revelations and realizations that have the power to change the way you think, act, and live on a daily basis.

Enjoy this clip to get a taste of how this emerging and provocative research can affect our lives!

Here are the key points that Gregg Braden covers in the video:

  • (0:01) — How science fiction is becoming science fact...
  • (0:28) — The DNA discoveries that are challenging modern science (and the way we see ourselves as humans)
  • (1:11) — How this science opens the door to such capabilites as deep intuition on demand and self-regulation of our immune system (and so much more...)
  • (1:42) — How we can embrace this new emerging science in healthy way that helps our world to thrive


How do these new revelations change your idea of what’s possible, both for you and for the world? We’d love to hear from you!