Peace Pole Story - Chile

Peace Pole Story - Chile

By Marta Rojas Berndt

My name is Marta Rojas Berndt. I live in Santiago de Chile where I am a teacher of Plastic Arts. I also do alternative therapies.

I came across the Peace Pole Project in June 2007, when Elena BecĂș came to my country. Since then I have participated in Peace Pole activities regularly.

In December 2007, I started a special spiritual program and in February 2008 my husband built a Peace Pole which we planted in our balcony.

The energy it shines forth is amazing. I usually measure it with my pendulum. With it I can see that the energy of the Peace Pole radiates for many kilometers.

When people enter the house, they usually comment on the energy they feel, even when they know nothing about the Peace Pole.

A few years later, my husband Juan, built a small Peace Pole, which I carry with me when I do Circular Dances, or for special gatherings. I note that as soon as I put out this pole, the energy in the room changes.

I feel infinitely grateful for being part of the Peace Pole Project. I believe it is a powerful tool to help anchor the light of Peace on our lovely planet.

I hope many more will be motivated to take part in this wonderful project.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.



Marta Rojas Berndt: I was born in Santiago de Chile. As a child I used to love being outdoors in nature. I loved trees, flowers, birds. It made me happy and grateful. It made me think that God was there.  I always had a spiritual longing, a hope to make people better and later on I came across Naturism.  On leaving school I graduated in Plastic Arts and when my daughters were born we agreed with Juan my husband that I should stay at home to bring them up.  During those years I formally studied Naturism and alternative therapies: Reiki, Reflexology, Bach Flowers.  Nowadays, my daughters have left the home and I work with alternatives and workshops. I am also a Circular Dance Leader, and a member of PazActiva LatinoamĂ©rica.  Here is my blog: click here. For more information about Peace Pole activities in South America visit: click here.