Peace Pole Story - Poland

Peace Pole Story - Poland

By Jacek Kowzlowski

I was born two decades after World War II in Poland which was under Soviet Union control at the time.  As a child, I remember wanting to be free and independent. I dreamt of traveling, of finding new friends, and discovering the world. But there were many restrictions and special regulations during that time in Poland. I could not travel freely and it was difficult for me to get a passport.  Even our phone calls were controlled.

As a young man, I embarked on a quest to search for freedom in my life.  At the same time I participated in illegal protests against the Polish government  in opposition to Russian control.   I soon learned that something more fundamental was missing in my life and became focused on finding inner peace.

In 1986 I came across some information on The World Peace Prayer Society promoting the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”  It touched my heart deeply.  Since that time I discovered meditation and other spiritual practices, which helped me in my quest for inner peace.

Just about that time, Poland was facing a huge transformation from Socialism to Capitalism but for the citizens this meant a chance to live with more freedom and hope for a better future. Fortunately at that time I learned that the World Peace Prayer Society was planning to organize a World Peace Prayer and Flag Ceremony in Poland to help spread hope and light in post communist Poland.  In 1990 I helped organize such a ceremony for the first time and planted my first Peace Pole.  It touched me immensely.

The message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” written on the Peace Pole in four languages look on a very special and universal meaning for me. It was my beginning. The ceremony changed my life forever as it opened the door to a new consciousness, a higher wisdom and understanding within me.  My life transformed and I discovered that everything is possible.

Now, almost thirty years later the world is a different place for me. I can travel to many countries with the mission to spread the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” with hope that peace and freedom I have gained will prevail in each nation.  I traveled to Israel and Palestine, former Yugoslavia countries, to Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, and Lithuania, as well as to USA, France and Great Britain. I even had the chance to meet Pope John Paul II and H.H. XV Dalai Lama always with the mission of spreading May Peace Prevail On Earth.

Over the years, I have dedicated many Peace Poles in Poland and other countries together with friends, school teachers and pupils, officials and ordinary people. When I see a Peace Pole it is like an acupuncture needle on the meridians of planet Earth connecting with others Peace Poles around the world. Peace Poles always remind me that peace on earth means the same as love and freedom, smiles on the children faces, mother’s love, unity, and universality.

Peace Pole dedications in Russia, Germany, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, and other places gave me a chance to meet wonderful people, beautiful souls without limitations, with pure hearts and minds. It always gives me a chance to renew my hope in creating a new and better life in each corner of this world.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

Jacek Kozlowski was born in Warsaw, Poland. He is President of The Polish Peace Coalition and Director of the Center for International Projects (Polish Gov. Department).  Jacek has been a Peace Representative in Warsaw of the World Peace Prayer Society since 1992 spreading the message, May Peace Prevail On Earth.  He has participated in many spiritual Zen trainings in Japan and in many others countries. He is a happy father of three daughters and now lives with his family in the Karkonoshe Mountain region.