Why Our Modern World Needs Shamanic Wisdom and Practices

Why Our Modern World Needs Shamanic Wisdom and Practices

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

As we navigate the turmoil of our modern world, it’s clear we’ve become increasingly disconnected from the wisdom that can help us most.

We often rush past the wisdom of our ancestors that is always present and available to us. Without meaning to, we miss opportunities for the exact guidance and healing we’re seeking — and the powerful sense of love, connection, and guidance that we could access at any time if only our senses were sharper.

Fortunately, people all over the world are waking up to the practice of shamanism, which connects us to compassionate spirits in invisible realms who are ready to offer their guidance and healing on behalf of all life on Earth — including you and the details of your life.

Shamanism guides us to enter into an altered state of consciousness, and to travel outside of time into hidden, non-ordinary realms. You too can access this wisdom, and do your part to restore harmony and balance between humankind and the forces of nature.

In the above video, Sandra Ingerman, one of shamanism’s most respected teachers, explains how shamanic wisdom, tools and ceremonies guide us to reconnect with nature, our unique gifts and purpose, and the entire web of life — and why it’s more important than ever.

Don’t miss these highlights in this insightful video with Sandra:

  • (0:00) — Why shamanism is so important to our lives and the planet at this moment
  • (0:10) — What your ancestors have been doing to help you for tens of thousands of years
  • (3:10) — How shamanic cultures viewed community and what we can learn from those perspectives today
  • (3:42) — The blocks and negative attitudes that society has projected onto us — and how shamanism can help us move past them

Sandra has so much timeless wisdom to share — be sure to take a few minutes to watch!

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