3 Keys to Dream Journeying: How to Travel to Other Realms, Wise Ancestors & Your Future Self

3 Keys to Dream Journeying: How to Travel to Other Realms, Wise Ancestors & Your Future Self

Susan Audrey
Susan Audrey:
Shift Team Writer

Did you know that your nighttime dreams are like a crystal ball in which you can discover all kinds of things about yourself and your life?

When you look to your dreams for information and guidance — about your health, relationships and goals — you’re actually listening to the wisdom of your Higher Self.

This is your inner knowing, and when you heed its sage advice, you align with what your soul needs and truly wants.

Yet, you don’t need to be asleep to dream and access this valuable wisdom...

Bestselling author and master dreamwork teacher Robert Moss has created a process through which you can seek the guidance and wisdom of your dreams while awake.

It’s called “Active Dreaming” and combines the ancient shamanic practice of dream journeying with opening to your imagination.

(You can discover more about this fascinating approach to dreaming from Robert himself in the short audio clip at the end of this blog.)

And, when you’re dreaming while awake, Robert will tell you, you can “go” just about anywhere — in this dimension as well as the “world-behind-the-world” where the deeper logic and purpose for your life resides.

Active Dreaming is far more than a method for decoding sleep dreams, according to Robert. While the techniques are fresh and original, they’re also ancient.

They evoke ways of seeing, knowing and healing known to our early ancestors, which made them feel safe and empowered them in an uncertain world.

Here are the 3 keys to Active Dreaming:

1.) Active Dreaming is a way of talking and walking our dreams and bringing energy and guidance from the dreamworld into everyday life.

First, you learn how to create a safe space (such as a dreamwork group) where you can share dreams of the night and dreams for your life, receive helpful feedback, and encourage others to move towards creative and healing action.

You discover that you can play guide for another, and that by sharing, claiming your voice, and growing your power as a storyteller and communicator, you build stronger friendships and lay foundations for a new kind of community. Above all, you learn to embody the energy and guidance of your dreams in everyday life.

2.) Active Dreaming is a method of shamanic lucid dreaming.

Active Dreaming is founded on the understanding that we don’t need to go to sleep in order to dream.

It starts with a simple everyday practice and extends to profound group experiences of time travel, soul recovery and the exploration of multidimensional reality. These lucid dream “journeys” are achieved by setting an intention or asking a question, listening to drumming — to induce a dreamlike state – – and setting the mind free to be open to the wisdom of your imagination.

It’s important to note that although Active Dreaming is a method of conscious dreaming, it’s not to be confused with approaches that encourage the “control” or manipulation of dreams.

It’s utterly misguided, according to Robert, to seek to put the “control freak in the ego” in charge of something immeasurably wiser and deeper than itself.

3.) Active Dreaming is a way of conscious living.

Active Dreaming requires you to reclaim your inner child and her gifts of spontaneity, play and imagination. It’s also a way to claim, name and define your life purpose. Active Dreaming invites you to discover and follow the natural path of your soul’s desire. It calls you to remember and tell and live the Bigger Story for your life, so that it can be heard and received by others.

Active Dreaming also involves navigating by synchronicity and receiving the chance events and symbols that appear in daily life, which are clues to a deeper order. The energy we carry and attitudes we choose also have magnetic effect on the world around us, drawing or repelling encounters and circumstances.

To live consciously is to accept the challenge to create — to move beyond scripts and bring something new into the world.

Active Dreaming is not only for individuals and friends and families. Communities can benefit by a deeper attunement to the cause of the Earth, according to Robert. Active dreamers become Speakers for the Earth. We rise to full awareness of the truth of the indigenous wisdom that we must be mindful of the consequences of our actions.

In the following 5-minute audio, dream expert Robert Moss gives a fascinating account of one of his Active Dreaming experiences — when consciously “re-entering” a nighttime dream to seek more clarity about what he was being shown...

P.S. Inspired to see where Active Dreaming can take you and how it can provide guidance on an important issue or your life purpose? Share your experiences and thoughts below...

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