A 4-minute Feldenkrais Movement Practice to Shift Your Habits

"We need habits in order to do most things in our lives," says certified Feldenkrais teacher and body language expert Lavinia Plonka, reminding us that not all habits are bad. After all, without habits, even our simplest routines would require much more thought and energy… and may then no longer be so simple.

But many habits are what the Feldenkrais method views as as parasitic habits. Whether these are habits of body, mind, or emotion, parasitic habits create self-inflicted pain, anxiety, or friction within our lives.

Often, these habits persist without our conscious knowledge. Yet their symptoms show up in our lives — perhaps as unexplained aches and pains, or anxiety and depression.

The first step to changing parasitic habits is awareness — simply noticing our habits so that we can then shift into a new way of being. Then we can proceed to interrupt the habits that no longer serve us. 

In the following 4-minute video, Lavinia walks you through some simple movements designed to help you begin noticing habitual movement patterns. She’ll then lead you to break those patterns as you feel into “a new experience of yourself.”​

Don’t miss these highlights:

  • (0:01) — How important some habits are to our life — and why some habits are parasitic
  • (0:28) —How we can begin developing better habits
  • (0:44) — Feel a new experience of yourself by experimenting with movement practices to uncover your habitual patterns 
  • (3:50) — Begin to see the possibilities of how shifting your movement patterns can shift your habits

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