A 5-Minute Qigong Practice for Releasing Built-Up Tension

Marjorie MacIntosh
Marjorie MacIntosh:
Shift Team

Allow the body to talk and communicate what it needs. Sometimes it needs a little bit of encouragement to activate its healing potential.
— Daisy Lee, Qigong teacher and author

Your emotions and inner world significantly impact your body’s organs...

It’s this powerful truth that Zang Fu Gong — the graceful, empowering form of Qigong that supports health and vitality — is built upon.

Zang Fu Gong helps you detoxify your body by gently stretching the connective tissue — and opening up the interstitial spaces between the organs.

In the following 5-minute demonstration, renowned Qigong teacher and author Daisy Lee shares a Zang Fu Gong practice you can try at home called SIFT-ing. It helps identify where the tensions are in your body — and releases the static energy that's accumulated from built-up tension in the body and mind.

Take a few minutes, so please give this gentle and soothing self-care practice a try!

Have you tried this or another Zang Fu Gong practice? Share your experience in the comments below.

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