Aligning and Harmonizing With the Cosmos

Aligning and Harmonizing With the Cosmos

Jennifer Myers
Jennifer Myers

Long ago, Peruvian children were given the name Children of the Sun, because they deeply understood that we’re all born of starlight. You, too, are a child of the light.

Through this light, own transformation from matter to spirit is possible, according to don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Peruvian maestro curandero, psychologist, and author.

Even the simple act of stargazing ritually aligns your life with the ebb and flow of the heavens, don Oscar teaches. You were made to commune with the starlight of your soul’s originating source. You can become a living repository of the evolutionary star wisdom found in the sanctuaries and landscape shrines of our Ancient Ones.

Our survival as a life-sustaining planetary species depends on our united evolutionary purpose — to live as a peaceful, compassionate, and empathically altruistic intergalactic earthly family.

In the above video, don Oscar invites you to join him in a simple (and fun!) practice to celebrate our origins of starlight — and our shared purpose at this moment.

Don’t miss these highlights in this insightful video with don Oscar:

  • (1:25) — An invitation to breathe in the understanding that you’re a radiating sun in the world
  • (2:06) — An illuminating breath practice and chant aimed at the heavens
  • (2:40) — The specific catalyzing power you hold within you, right now
  • (3:28) — The partnership role you’re meant to play at this moment on this planet — according to don Oscar, it’s the reason you’re here!

A celebrated teacher, don Oscar has truly insightful wisdom to pass along to you — I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch.

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