Why Ayahuasca? Why Now?

Why Ayahuasca? Why Now?


Why is there an accelerated interest in plant medicine and psychedelics right now? Why are there so many Ayahuasca ceremonies popping up in North America, South America, and pretty much all over the globe?

Did we seek out the plants? Or are these intelligent beings calling to us? What do we want to learn from sacred plants and what do these ancestral plants want to help us with?

These are the fascinating questions we are about to dig into with Andean medicine man Puma Fredy Quispe Singona.

Trained by his grandfather since the age of six, Puma is a master of ancestral Incan and Andean traditions and rituals. He’s worked deeply with direct lineages of the Huachuma plant (aka San Pedro) from the coast of Peru, and with Ayahuasca, the sacred plant of the Amazonian Shipibo people. 

Puma teaches that our highest consciousness is pure unconditional love for self, life, our planet, and each other. At this moment in time, humanity is out of balance. 

When we refuse to pay attention and continue to belligerently harm ourselves and our planet, Pachamama and the spirit world must step in with some course correction.

A New Era is Upon Us

If you’ve been following Mayan prophecies, you probably know that 2012 was the beginning of a cycle to guide humans into a new era of higher consciousness. 

Yet eons before 2012, according to ancient legends, the spirits of the sacred master plants knew that humans, with a penchant for competition over cooperation, were in danger of destroying everything. 

Let’s hear the story of how the sacred master plants — specifically Huachuma (San Pedro) — came down to Earth to help us out, in the video below.

You would think that humans would be grateful to be blessed with an era of peace and harmony. Turns out many humans did not appreciate a changed world filled with happy, kind, loving people. 

Take a quick listen to the response some humans, according to the legend, had to light beings trying to influence us with all of this pesky peace and love stuff. But guess who gets the last laugh?

By 2012, just twelve years into a new millennium, things on Earth were indeed getting out of hand, as predicted. Shamans view many illnesses and diseases that afflict people today as being rooted in a disconnection from nature and the widespread stress and trauma of our modern culture. 

Plant medicines are seen as a way to re-establish connection to Pachamama, and restore balance to the individual and the wider community. 

Watch the short clip below to hear Puma explain how we are already in the midst of a process of massive shifts, healing, and evolution. It’s good to be reminded during these challenging times that things can get pretty disorienting during any transformation process.

Wow. Did you catch that bit at 02:16 - 02:25? Healing from decades of trauma can happen overnight! How awesome would that be?

Powerful Medicine. Miraculous Healing.

How do Ayahuasca and Huachuma work their loving magic on you? Watch the clip below and you will know.

Curious but a little wary about all the stories of vomiting, and the physical discomfort of purging from using these plant medicines? Not to worry.  In the clip below, Puma reassures us that we can receive the healing of these sacred plants without actually ingesting them. 

The rapid-fire challenges facing humanity today — environmental destruction, social inequality, and political instability — are symptoms of a larger spiritual crisis. By working with sacred plant medicines, we can accelerate our collective healing and rebirth into a new era of next-level humans. 

Today, even science is recognizing that the use of psychoactive plants has numerous verifiable benefits in healing and transforming human neurochemistry, physiology, and psychology.

A kind and peaceful world that works for all is possible. It starts with each of us choosing to heal from delusion, aggression, dysfunction, and trauma. As soon as possible. 

Sacred psychoactive plant medicine has the potential to evolve our consciousness into divine states of self-love, kindness, compassion, joy, knowing, trusting, and a profound sense of interconnectedness with all beings, within days — even minutes! It need not take a lifetime. 

Where are you in your personal journey of evolution?

Are doctors Ayahuasca and Huachuma calling you? Ready to let go of heavy energy and joyfully laugh your way into higher consciousness?

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