Are You Unconsciously Undermining Your Own Health?

The Shift Team
The Shift Team

We all must face our own health journeys and issues — from gut troubles to back pain to major health threats like cancer and other serious illnesses...

As a conscious-minded person, you most likely treat your body with care — using a variety of eastern and western self-care modalities and treatments to stay vibrant and to overcome your health challenges along the way.

Yet, even with your best intentions and efforts, you might be sabotaging your health without even knowing it

In this 10-minute video, Suzanne Scurlock, leading conscious awareness instructor and bestselling author, offers insights into how you may be hijacking your own health by allowing long-held blocks and traumas to get in the way of vibrant health and lasting happiness.

Suzanne explains that trauma of any kind, as well as, anxiety, unconscious conditioning, and limiting beliefs, fundamentally block us from connecting with what’s going on internally — causing us to lose access to the information that the exquisite navigational system of the body is constantly offering us.

We might be in touch with one or two wisdom centers within our bodies, but it’s likely we’re not able to fully embody these areas and access the depths of guidance and knowledge our body has for us — including the exact information we need to HEAL ourselves.

As a result, we’re cut off from our innate body wisdom and unknowingly sabotaging our health — even when we’re consciously working on ourselves in a number of ways.

Don’t miss these profound highlights Suzanne shares:

  • (0:16) — How a constant level of anxiety can dislocate you from your body
  • (2:53) — Your body’s innate cellular intelligence and how to navigate it
  • (3:22) — The effect of trauma on your body — physical and emotional
  • (4:30) — Different types of trauma and how even “small” traumas can have a lasting impact (including a powerful case study from Dawson Church!)
  • (8:19) — How trauma can cause “energy cysts” and the impact these energetic formations have on the body

She’ll also share with you how being attuned to your body’s wisdom areas can provide you with greater intuition, wisdom, personal power, and joy — and help you dissolve confusion, stress, pain, and overwhelm.

Have you experienced trauma — physical, psychological or emotional? Have you experienced trouble reaching your health goals as a result? Share your experiences and thoughts below.

Reconnect with the Essential Areas of Deep Wisdom in Your Body & Access Greater Intuition, Personal Power, and Joy with Suzanne Scurlock

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